Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Olivia very kindly let me put on this photo
of her mystery girl.

Olivia found the head on a market stall and
it was very cheap.

So this little waif now has a body and a lovely coat and
hat. She looks like a very early saucer eyed girl ?

I think she is gorgeous and I am not a big fan of the saucer eyed girl's , some can be quite scary! But this little lady has such a sweet look, she could be an older Lonely!
She is going to go on display with some of Olivia's other Sasha's at a museum for a little while.

I also asked Olivia if I could share this photo of two of her slate eyed bondes looking very chic in Vinatge

These girl's have such lovely faces and the one wearing the beret looks very chic and stylist.

Thank you Olivia for allowing me to show off your beautiful girls.


  1. They really are beautiful. So expressive.
    Are the eyes original or repaints?

  2. Wow! What a magnificent find! That first doll is so incredibly beautiful. She is definitely what I would term 'A-Kendal-(and Sarah Williams)-must-have'

    In answer to Rosalind's question above, yes, their eye paints are all original. These expressions are what the early Gotz Company did the very best, so much so, that I can forgive any of their occasional manufacturing faults eg. too thin torso vinyl, different leg lengths or eye levels or thin hair rooting on the crown.

    Many thanks Dee for starting my day off so wonderfully...although tinged with a little envy/jealousy.

    1. Thank you Kendal for the info - I still have so much to learn.
      Please do call me Rosie, Rosalind is my official name only or what my Dad used to call if I was in trouble! LOL

    2. I cannot believe what can be found on market stall's for pennies!! where are these stalls? I need to know!
      I think she's gorgeous and I would have loved to have found her!! Lol
      Thanks for answering Rosie's question.