Monday, 21 January 2013


Mum decide's to try and get a nice photo she can use for a Christmas card later in the year,
so gathering up her camera and a few prop's she heads for a part of the garden still filled with untouched snow,,

THUD!  " Mummm" sob sob....

" What was that?" question's Edward
" I cannot see it was behind me" says Hugh
" Shall I look?" asks Mossy
" No Mum wants us to stay still for the photo's"

Totally ignoring Edward, Mossy stands up and looks toward the front of the sled
" Oops She's fallen over...again!" he tells the other's
" Who? Mum?" questions Edward worriedly
" No Sasha "
" Who is Sasha? we do not have a Sasha!"
" Oh yes we do, they are all Sasha's  YOU said so the other week"
" I did not"
"Did too! Well unless they are a boy then you said they were a Gregor ! Strange going's on  if you ask me!"
" Well we did not " retort's Edward .

They sit about for quite a while, it starts to get darker
" What's happening? " asks Edward
" Are you asking me? " says Mossy smugly
" Yes" replies Edward grumpily
" Are you sure it's me you are asking ? " ask Mossy cheekily
Edward refuses to respond!

" Well we are going to have to wait for mum to come back"
" Where's she's gone?"
" I think she went back to the house to dry the S a s h a off"
Edward refuses to take the bait! " Well we'll have to pull the sled back to the house ourselves"
" I don't think so"
" Why Not!" demand's Edward
" Because mum's left us on top of the bird bath!"

"Mrs Mum ! " calls Edward calmly so as not to worry the others " Mrs MUMMMMMMMMMM"
The four little bear's sit waiting to be rescued, hoping mum remembers they are out in the snow at the end of the garden.......


  1. I'm rather thinking that this might be one of the best Sasha Village stories EVER!!!!
    Oh, the poor wee mites left out there in the cold snow with dusk fast approaching and with no way for them to get down from the high bird bath.
    Saying a quick prayer that you soon remember where you left them....though what a good place, the perfect height, for a photograph. Saves all that bending down in the cold snow to get to the correct level.

    Thinking that this year (old age I guess) my photographic brain has finally given up on me as I'm not being able to come up with any good ideas for Sasha Doll pictures.

    Sasha love and thanks for the most amusing post, from Kendal.

  2. 'BEARLY' a minutes rest and there you are with another fab post! Absolutely superb!!

  3. He he just look at their little faces waiting for Mrs Mum to return.

  4. One of these photos would make the perfect Christmas card, but PLEASE go and rescue those poor bears before they catch their death!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain where it's cold and rainy!

  5. Thank you all of the comments maybe I'd better go and see if they are ok.....