Wednesday 30 January 2013


I managed to keep Arabella in the sweater dress
long enough to take a couple of photo's which
I have put on below.

I love the colour of this sweater dress by Gill aka bruno0199

another view

The front view, I think the green boots by Lisa Hartley  go well with the sweater dress and Judith's  DD leggings.

and lastly a photo with some of the teddies. Oops yes Edward and the Panda!
Little Hugh is still wearing the sock on his head! He's taken a fancy to it and thinks it makes a fine hat!!!


  1. She looks gorgeous Dee!
    Love from the (N)ICE QUEEN !!!!!!

    1. Lol...that N needs to be earned...Icy... :)

  2. Oh dear! Now I'm missing the rhyming here in this post!

    I do hope that you can persuade Arabella to keep this sweater dress on as, as I said in the other post, she looks fab. in it.
    I really love this warm and casual look with the sweater dresses, leggings and three quarter length boots. (Quite sorry that I'm too old to wear this fashion.)

    Any more posts from you planned for today? Hoping so as I'm getting used to all these nice little Sasha-fix breaks that you're encouraging me to take.

    Loving Ronnie's play on words above! (N)ice Queen.

    1. It is possible that another post could turn up today! I am on holiday this week so keep popping on computer to see what's happening and then one thing leads to another....
      And you are never too old to wear a long sweater jeggings and boots! Go for it!

      Don't encourage Ronny! She must earn the N to go with ice....
      sasha love Dee

    2. Well that explains it all! Now I know what it's all about! You're on holiday!
      I hope that you're enjoying yourself down there as much as you're entertaining me up here.
      Sasha love from Kendal....who is now watching out for maybe another post before bedtime!

  3. Love the sweater dress, such a great range of colours and the boots are just perfect.
    Am lovin the sock hat too - your bears just crack me up!

    But as for the ICE QUEEN - Time goes by so slowly, slowly
    Now starting to worry about Fritz and Terrorist - what has become of them?

    1. Thank you Rosie but it's the Ice Queen we want to be cracking up!!! :)

      Fritz and Terrorist are probably staking out the joint planning their attack ! at least I hope so ! We really do not want more held for ransom!!!!

  4. That looks lovely on her Dee and goes very nicely with her red hair. The boots and leggings too...perfect combination.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx