Friday, 11 January 2013


Nathaniel's very kindly offered to give a talk this morning !
Most of the children are off at School but Nate who is on a half day holiday
is happy to talk to some of the blue noses and Edward.

He had be send off a couple of letter's in the week ready for this lesson!

"Thank you all for attending today's lesson " says Nate seriously " Those of you who have received a letter in the post may now open it "
He waits to give people time to open their letters.

" I had a letter once " Says Robbie ram
" Really ! What did it say? "
" Y "
" Well I would just like to know! " says Giggles
" Y"
" Because you said that you had one"
"Y "
" I just told you! " says Giggles getting annoyed
" And I just told you "
"No You did not"
Yes I did" " No" Yes" this goes on for several minutes until
Robbie says " I Got A Letter Y"
They all fall about giggling....

" Are you finished ?" asks Nate sternly
" Oops sorry" Sorry" Yes sorry "
"Then I will continue" continues Nate " Today's lesson is on.......

Walnut whips"

" Not M&S walnut whips but proper Walnut whips!...yummy!"

" And here it is! A lovely swirl of milk chocolate topped with a walnut!

" and filled with lovely soft mallow"

" Ronnie T !  That is not the walnut whip you were sent!" says Nate  " What! You could not wait to open the letter so you opened it yesterday and ate it! "
Nate looks on in amazement " But that ones got half missing already! Oh You bit the top off this morning because you were peckish! "
He looks at the other screen  then back to Ronnie " Look at Kendal , She is only just opening her letter as requested and nibbling at her walnut whip delicately! "

While Nate been telling Ronnie off,  Bruce as got his head into the wrapper looking for any broken pieces and Robbie's got on the table heading for the whip!

" Oo  Can I have some please please Nate please!" says Robbie
" It's not really good for animals to eat chocolate " says Nate
" It is too! " says Robbie " animal's lurve Choc..o late.....and it is very good for us! Why a blue nose
could fade away if they don't have a tiny piece of choc ...o    late at least once a year! or more even !"

" Yes " " Me too " " and Me three" " choco"" Late "  " Please! " suddenly all the blue noses are chattering away asking Nate for  a taste of the walnut whip !
Nate soon gives in and within seconds the walnut whip is gone!

" Well"  says Nate " I hope you all enjoyed seeing......pardon...on my lip.......oh !"

" Well " says Nate starting again " I hope you all enjoyed seeing and learning about the walnut whip and...." he pauses to check on the watchers " Ronnie? That walnut whip pack is unopened........Oh it's another one....your third....oh only second one today......did I just see another one in that bag beside you?.......that's for later ! "

Nate looks back to the screen " and I must warn you all that they can be addictive! "


  1. Oh my goodness they certainly can! I got a box of 6 before Christmas and ate 4 of them myself. I really resented having to share two of them though!!!
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

  2. I can see a few character studies in this piece! Based on real people or are they just fiction??? Haven't had a Walnut Whip in years!!! Want one now, though! xxx Karin

  3. I was one of the lucky people who received a package from Sasha Village yesterday (and who was a 'goody' and did as she was instructed!)
    Unfortunately I had planned a day's shopping with my sister so wasn't able to get to view this blog until just now, 7.30pm.
    I have, on Nate's instructions, now undone my package and will be enjoying my Walnet Whip shortly after I have cooked and eaten my evening meal.
    Many thanks to Dee and all at Sasha Village for this surprise excitement today.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. I think the postie must have had mine!!!!! And you know how much I love a walnut whip!!!!!!! I 'walnut' be without one!!!!
    I LOVED this post though it made me laugh so much!!!!
    Thank you Dee, Nate et al
    Ronny xx

    1. Now Ronny! It's no good trying to wriggle out of it, Nate saw you tucking into your second one with another in a bag for later!
      You'll have to attend WW this rate....Lol ;)

    2. Just booked into WW Anon Dee.....and it is all YOUR fault :) And no,postie still hasn't delivered mine...had to go and buy my own after reading this post earlier today....and a packet of peanut m&m's :)

  5. Laughed out loud at Ronnie's 'Walnut' be without one!'
    I haven't had a Walnut Whip for, well must be, well over twenty years! It was truly scrumptious. Many, many thanks indeed.
    Luckily my postman knocked on my door and gave me the package as he said that it wouldn't go through my letter slot. Just as well under the circumstances as I'd have then been opening a squashed up mass of chocolate, walnut and marshmellow! (Mind you would still have munched my way through it! Wouldn't have missed a treat like that!)
    My apologies for my mis-spelling of Walnut (Walnet) in my previous comment.
    Sasha love from Kendal.