Sunday 27 January 2013


down the end
a bear does stand and wait
A great seer of an ancient line
in a long black cape

He has sent upon his way
A bear of wide renowned
great Ciro , fierce,strong
and loyal to the crown

Ciro has come to live on this land
and protect all those inside
For to this place shall come a Queen
and here she shall reside.

Great Ciro who is wise and strong
is sent ahead to see
that all is well and safe about
and what they have for tea!

Mossy's emerald strong with power
makes him search about
Edward he has brought along
because he's strong and stout!...hearted

The seer he waits about his bower
for the little bears to come near
For he must give them warning
of who will soon appear.

Mossy stops still in his tracks
a giant bear he spies
Edward hides behind his back
he cannot believe his eyes!

The seer tells of things to come
of ancient lines of faery
the little bears never thought
to hear tales so extraordinary

 Mossy's stunned and Edward sighs
at events that soon will happen
He not so sure he can deal with this
he may just move to Clapham!


Hopefully this rhyming lark will soon end !
According to this blog I have today just done my 300th post! so it would appear I can talk ( so to speak)
the hind leg off a donkey!
My family will not be a bit surprised .My late father always told everyone I was injected with a gramophone needle at birth!!


  1. Congratulations on achieving your 300th blog post.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed them all but will, when I have a spare minute or two, make a list of some of my VERY favourite.

    Meanwhile, many thanks for all the superb entertainment that I have when I vist the Sasha Village blogspot.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Thank you Kendal, I am glad you are enjoying my rambling and I hope to carry on rambling for some time to come :)
      sasha Love Dee

  2. Oh Dee, Dee O we love your blog
    Filled with rhyme and reason and rumour
    But what we all enjoy the most
    Is your sparkling sense of humour!

    Congrats on reaching 300
    Here's to the next 300
    BLOG ON !!!

    1. I can see this rhyming is catching! Lol

      Great rhyme Rosie and thanks for popping by to read my ramblings :)

  3. After over a week of the ground here being covered with 'the white stuff' how wonderful to see dark soil, bark, stones, rocks and some wonderful greeny again.

    Your two little bears, Edward and Mossy, look magnificent taken against this darkened, natural back ground.

    Looking forward to seeing what's in store for us around the next corner.
    Sasha love from Kendal....who is most impressed with all this 'rhyming.' Something that I've never been able to master.

    1. I must say I was very pleased with the photo's once i'd cut and carved them on the computer and for once they have come out nice and clear with no added flash spoiling them!
      In about ten years I may be able to give you a run for the money!!LOl

  4. 300 posts! I have enjoyed everyone of them! Thank you Dee!

    1. Thank you Ronny for reading them!
      I love reading yours too, although they can be very stresssful..:) what with all the comings and goings and the GOINGS ON !!
      Lol but I would not miss them for the world :)

  5. That is quite an achievement! I am still puzzled how you find the time! I know you said that you don't do that much ironing - but that can't be the sum of it! Anyway, most enjoyable, the lot of it! Well done and thanks. xxx

    1. Ironing ? Oh I remember that..theres some round here
      Thanks for reading them Karin

  6. You have a wonderful collection of bears there Dee!
    Hugs Sharon in SPain xx

    1. I must say I have always loved Teddy bears and the advantage of these are they are so small, you can get quite a few without them taking up too much space...and they are a lot cheaper than a Sasha!..Lol