Saturday 19 January 2013


I finally managed to get all the boy's lined up together! It was a bit of a squeeze
and it's lucky there were only eleven or one extra would have meant looking for another
space to stand them and it's too cold and snowy in the garden!

They were very good to squeeze in the space without to many moans!

 A closer view of the left

and of the right.

These are my early boy's from the left

Percy 69  in the middle is Dexter 68 and on right Nathaniel 68

 a closer look at their lovely handsome faces.

The seventies boys, from left

Tobias , Zak , Tristan , Ethan and Morgan

Here we have two Gotz boys with an eighties boy in the centre! From the left
Adam, in middle Duncan and on right Benjamin

I do love the boy's they are what attracted me to this doll's in the first place, seeing little boy's not just girl's!

Every so often I keep thinking about reducing the boy's by sending a few of the seventies boy off for adoption and maybe one of the Gotz but then I look at them and change my mind! And every time I see a boy on ebay or Shelly's I look and quite a few appeal but so far I have managed to resist! But eleven is an odd number so either at least one needs a new home or one need to arrive........I wonder it will be .....


  1. Your boys look fab Dee dressed in their DD gear! But too neat!! Real boys would have mud on their trainers, one sleeve up, one down and a hole in the knees of their jog bottoms....As a mum of three boys only one look pristine when he was growing up !!!
    Love the red... psst! Judith...WE WANT RED! WE WANT RED!!

    1. I only have three girl's so did not realise they are supposed to have HOLES! in they dd joggers...I bet Tate's got holes in his joggers out there under that cardboard box trying to keep warm......

      and changing subject BUT NOT forgotten!, I told Judith WE WANT RED!!!

    2. Bet Tate's got holes in his shoes is always cold by the coast and I bet his cardboard box is soggy with the snow :)
      Still, moving on...glad Judith knows WE WANT RED!

  2. Have been really looking forward to THIS photo of your eleven lads. All looking very trendy in their DD wear!

    I think that one more lad should be adopted rather than one depart as a round dozen (although we don't often use this measurement so much these days apart from when counting or buying eggs!) has a good solid sound to it.
    (I too have the same number here but can't round that up for the next few months at least, unless a Sasha decides she wants to be adopted.)
    Sasha love and thank you boys for lining up so smartly. From Kendal.

    1. I do love to be encouraged to spend on these little chaps and I would quite like a 68 blonde Gregor, I will have to keep my eye's open for the prefect one.

      Sasha love Dee

  3. I love all your boys! So many of them, how on earth did you manage to keep them all so well behaved when you took their photos???? My group shots always have someone goofing around or another with their eyes really do have a knack there Dee! ;)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx
    PS I'm all for even numbers too....

    1. Thanks Sharon, what can I say I will be obeyed!!!! :)