Thursday 24 January 2013


While the bears are sleeping off, their garden adventures I thought it
might be a good idea to put a picture of a couple of Sasha's on as this is
supposed to be a Sasha Blog! Although those Bear's are sneaking in here and there!

These two pretty dresses are by Susan  ( ebay seller chirnside ) in Australia, I was lucky enough to buy the pink one first, I do love floral's and this pale pink with the deeper pink roses is lovely and the frilled collar finishes it perfectly.
Then Susan recently put on this pale green version which I purchased having loved the first one.

The green has a white frilled collar and came with the pink to green ribbon Virginia is wearing.

 The pink dress came with this floral ribbon hair band which Belinda is wearing.

I think Belinda's pink boots go well and maybe I should change Virginia's sandals for some green boots to match.


  1. Two very pretty girls in two very pretty dresses.
    I think that Belinda and your early brunette doll (Claudia?) who wears the Ruthsdoll's limited edition pink/white checked replica Studio dress featured on the front cover of the Sasha Book are my very favourite of all your girls.

    1. Yes Belinda and Claudia are special being my two earliest Trendon girls and both do have the most beautiful faces which always look good in a photo no matter how bad my photography is!

  2. The girls look very nice dressed up in Australian designer chic!

    1. Thanks Ronny but shouldn't you be out looking for Lonely's bear in that pond?

      I may have to inform the Walnut whip and caramac people about what goes on in your house....but maybe they all ready know and that's why your walnut whip NEVER arrived...

  3. Pretty girls in lovely dresses! This reminds me that I really really need to make my girls some new dresses soon....(Note to self: Pull your finger out Sharon !)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx