Tuesday 15 January 2013


Mossy is sitting with the some of the other bears discussing
the days events. He seems a bit distracted, as if he is waiting for
something to happen.

" Did you received any thing interesting today? " he questions
Edward ,watching him intently.
" No " replies Edward " just a few leaflets about growing your own

Paige hurries in, looking for Edward.
" Edward we need to pack " she calls rushing up to the bench.

" What is it Miss Paige ?" asks Edward jumping to his feet
" We have received an invitation "
" Please may I see it "
" Of course"

" Oh Yes ..Mm I see .....How wonderful..." mumbles Edward from behind the letter!

"What does it say?" asks Gertie impatiently
" It says " answers Edward  " Dear Paige and Edward, It is with delight that I would like to invite you to a talk on 25 ways to cook bamboo by the talented cook Pooh Fernley -Whittingstall " Edward pauses to add " An excellent chef , that bear can do marvels with bamboo"
" Is That all? " asks Little Hugh
" There will also be " continues Edward " A demonstration on Extreme Bamboo by Bear Grylls."
" Oh My Bear Grylls " signs Gertie " Such a handsome chap"
Edward ignores her sighing and finishes " Please arrive by 10.30 am on 16th , lunch is provided ,your good friend Paddy St Pancras"

Within seconds of reading the letter aloud  Edward is up and following Paige to the door.
" We must pack my autograph book and we must not forget the camera and of course I must take Pooh FW's last cookbook for him to sign..and..."

Paige and Edward leave , the others can hear Edward's endless list of things they need to take getting fainter as they move further away from the room.

"RE...SULT!" cries Mossy punching the air....

" What result would that be ? " asks Gertie bewildered.
" Oh ! What? Nothing nothing " says Mossy going slightly red " But it's a shame Edward will miss being the first bear to appear featured on the Village blog "
" It wont matter if he's here or not on the 16th " Gertie inform's Mossy " Mum took lots of photo's of him just the other day while you and Ginny were off somewhere or other "
Mossy is Stunned
" Yes " pipes in Little Hugh " I remember she was saying how handsome Edward looked ! "

Mossy throw's himself over the arm of the bench in despair!

To be continued.......


  1. Oh dear! Poor Mossy! He must be despairing after all that planning to make sure that Edward was away for the mid-month Bear photo shoot.
    Never mind Mossy there's always next month.
    Sasha love from Kendal....who just loves your blogspot stories.

    1. Mossy is getting very clever with he's sneaky plan to get Edward out of the way!
      Glad you like the story.
      sasha love Dee

  2. a ha, the rivalry between the bears could grow into something huge, I can see this could run and run all year if you give them half a chance!

    1. It is or course a very friendly rivalry which will of course show up now and then :)

  3. Mossy you are sooo cheeky. We love it!!!

  4. Oh that is so sad for poor Mossy...if a little devious on his part! I hope his turn to be the 'chosen bear' comes around really quickly for him!

    1. I would not feel too sorry for Mossy quite yet!

  5. Oooooooh! How devious can a bear get? He is clearly very intelligent and just a teeeeeeny bit manipulative! He could get snapped up by MI5! Love the story, Dee! xxx Karin