Saturday 26 January 2013


I received a great photo from Steve of his new no nose boy
along with the two no nose's he already owns, a girl and another
lucky for me he agreed that I could put the photo on here for us all to see.

A great photo, showing his new boy in dolly doodles on the left and a beautiful yellow eyed red haired girl in the centre and another boy on the right.

I do believe that these style of Sasha can be an acquired taste, but thats a bit like all the earlier Sasha's.I was never going to have a no nose but now have Arabella ,a beautiful red haired yellow eyed no nose girl like the one in the photo and I was never ever going to have a boy but did in fact ask Shelly about Steve's new boy on the left but Steve had beaten me to him, which is good as I do not want one..Lol... unless of course like the one above something about him appeals!

So those of you out there going  " Mm their ok but I would never want one!"  be warned  never say never!

Here is a closer photo of the three. They are  very serious as if they are looking at some thing important!.

Thank you Steve for letting me post these lovely photo's.


  1. So it was Steve who adopted him!!! Relieved he has gone to such a good home (but sorry you missed out Dee...if you had thrown in a Walnut Whip he would have been yours:) )

    1. I'm glad he went to Steve too! I am not supposed to buying so many Sasha's this year and'll have to wait and see...Lol

      And I'm getting in a supply of walnut whips ready to use to save the day...well if I dont forget and eat them!!!! :)

  2. Three lovely No-nose dolls Steve.

    I'm not, if the truth be told, such a 'No-nose' Sasha fan but did have one gorgeous little girl living here for several years... so a case of 'Been there, done that. What's next?'
    ....BUT just recently I have noticed that I have begun to start taking some second and rather longer looks at them when they come up for sale on Shelly' as you say, Dee...'Never say never'... again.

    Have just heard that Fritz and Terrorist have arrived at Ronnie's this morning without that extra £5 payment
    so looking forward to see what Fritz/Terrorist/Lonely/Bear/Lucas storyline Ronnie comes up with.

    1. True Kendal like all types of Sasha I think we all in and out and in again of love with them!
      I await to see what developements are happening down in Sussex, I thought Fritz would arrive on Saturday, I never pay the extra, such a rip off!

  3. Hi Dee,

    I know what you mean...I thought they were dreadful that fateful day (for the purse strings anyway !) when I first set my eyes on Sasha dolls,but one day....oh,they are quite nice those no nose dolls.....low and behold I now have a lovely no nose blonde girl,she is just gorgeous,not all of them though,it has to be 'the one' (or one's) in Steve's case ha ha,but it happens,and you are smitten....

    1. There you understand what I mean..these Sasha all suck you in even ones you thought you'd never want!
      My husband says they are made with a compound that once you buy one and hold it, the compound releases and it makes you want more!!
      he is probably right!

  4. These three are very cute indeed. I thought no noses weren't for me, and hopefully, it will stay that way, but I can see how they'd grow on a person!
    Hugs Sharon in SPain xx