Saturday 12 January 2013

A BOX OF................

" That Toby went out ages ago!" muttered a voice softly
" And Nate's gone too!" comments another
" Well I heard a couple of the others talking and they said they'd stayed in a cupboard for months once!"
" NO!" Never!" Really?" " I feel faint"
" I'm going to take a look"

" What can you see?"  "Is anyone out there?" " Let me look!" " Ouch Get off my foot!"

"Well? can you see anything Percy?"
" No" replies Percy " That's it I'm out of here!"

True to his word, Percy is up and out of the box within seconds.

" Right " Calls Percy " Zak you next and then one at a time " He helps Zak and the others get out of the box and then they push it aside.

It's not long until Mum appears , surprised to see all the boy's waiting.
"Mum " says Percy " When you put us in that box you said it was for a couple of days, because you needed the space! That was weeks ago"
Mum goes red feeling guilty as that was exactly what she'd said " I am sorry boy's " she apologises " It was meant to be only for two days then time just seemed to get away"
"Well " replies Percy sternly " That's as may be but look at Ethan and Duncan they are still waiting for their shoes! But all the girl's are dressed completely! and have been enjoying all the comings and goings in the house all Christmas and New year!"

Into his stride he continues " People will think you don't like boys! Some blog's only use the boy's while the girl's barely get a look in! We thought you weren't like them and was fair to everyone!"

" Well " says Mum " You will find that I have used a couple of the boys, Toby and Nate on the blog, so I do not think that last complaint is justified " before Percy can comment further " But! I must confess that I did not get the boy's their shoes and I should have, I will do it now before I forget"

Mum hears a small cough and looks over..

Adam is holding up his hand for attention " Can you get me some warmer clothes ? " he asks " only I have been wearing these since the summer and well they say we may get some snow ! So I think I would like to be ready "
Now Mum really is upset that poor Adam's still in shorts!!

"Ok " says Mum " I can see I have been very lax with some of you poor boys, so tonight I will get you all into your DD outfits and tomorrow I'll take a photo for the blog .How's that?"
The boys all cheer , especially when mum goes on to say that they can all stay up late to watch a film and have popcorn!

I think she got away with that long as no one mentions Walnut whips........


  1. LOL, you're too naughty, those poor boys! Actually I'm just as guilty of things like this, some of my bjds are still in summer clothes. I keep thinking that there's no point changing them now as it'll soon be spring! LOL
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. The top of the box was open and they could see the ceiling!!
      I must say I love changing their clothes to match the season's....well I did forget poor Adam!

  2. Walnut Whips! Did somebody say walnut whips???!!!!!
    Great group of boys Dee.....all stuck in an EMMA BRIDGEWATER of my favourite homeware designers!

    1. I am glad you realised that they were stored in a luxury box not just any old box!

      Shh with the WW....little ears....

  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the thought of all those boys being couped up in that box over Christmas....but even worse is the fact that the girls were out and about enjoying the festive season.
    Surely the boys wouldn't have taken up that much more space in the house....(although I know that you have two more lads than I have)....and wouldn't the box have taken up even more room than just the boys themselves?
    Not sure that mine after such an ordeal would have accepted the compensation of just a film and popcorn plus finding shoes for two of them and long trousers for a third. I think that they would have been holding me ransom for a great deal more.
    They had better all be looking well fed and cared for on the photoshoot tomorrow or else I shall be reporting you to the Mart for childhood neglect.
    Sasha love until tomorrow's blog post, from Kendal.

  4. I'm sure they had a great time in that box Kendal, playing prisoner or the great escape etc.
    And I must confess that the boy's do tend to appear all over the house but unfortuanately I was not well organised this Christmas and their space was need for Christmas things but they have made me sign in blood that they get top billing for Christmas 2013! and I am sure that I will have not got away with just a late film and popcorn....I dread to think what else I'll have to pay to soothe their hurt...
    sasha Love Deex