Sunday, 29 September 2013


Callie, Verity and Winter were out in the garden enjoying some of this last sunny weather and checking out each others outfits.

Winter had found a nice red satchel to add to her outfit but Verity had left her satchel up in her bedroom and said she'd find it later to show them.

They stood in a row for Mum to take a photo before she went off to make some lunch.

Of course mum wanted a nice close up, then she hurried off.

After mum left to go inside Belinda turned up looking for Dad.
" Have you seen him? " she asked the girl's
" No Mum was just here but have not seen Dad" replied Verity "did you try his workshop?"
" Yes " Belinda sighs " No sign!" she looks closely at the girl's " your berets are smart , can I try one?"
Callie hands hers over and Belinda puts it on.

"Well what do you think? " she asks
" Mm " wonders Verity " Not sure if the colour goes !"

"Well my jackets blue and so is the beret " says Belle
" Yes that's true " confirms Callie " May be the red would look better "

They play musical berets! with Winter giving Belle the red one and Belle giving Callie back the blue one.
" Well ? "asks Belle " Red or Blue? "
"The Red looks good " say Winter and Verity
Belle hands it back " Thanks but I really need to have a ski hat "

" I must find Dad " says Belle moving off " I need him to make me some skis before December when I'm going to Gstaad skiing and if I don't ask now I'll have to hire some and I want my own!" Belle dashes off in search of dad.

Callie looks at Verity in bewilderment " Did she say she was going to custard skiing? "
"That's what it sounded like " confirms Verity
" I would not fancy skiing in custard ! " says a stunned Winter " how strange !"


I was very pleased to acquire this later Gotz ski outfit that is in mint condition and came with the mint condition boots.

Here is a back view showing the 'fur' edged hoot to the jacket..

Here are a couple of pictures of Belle (Belinda)

just because she is gorgeous! :)

now just need some skis............



  1. Whew! Hopefully made it AGAIN today!

  2. Belinda is MY very favourite of all your dolls with Verity in second place.

    Loving this post of 'pass the beret' and the arrival of the Gotz Ski outfit.
    I too have this and agree it is just superb! Looking foward to seeing her skis and ski poles made by Mr Dad.

  3. Thank you Kendal, she is one of my favourites to! The ski outfit is superb and I cannot wait until I can get Paul to make me some skis! But there is already a list of my things he's doing so it will be a while yet!

  4. Evening girls! Really good to see some Frido/trendon girls! But where is Hattie?? I too, used to have the second Ed. Gotz ski outfit because I loved the ski boots. I may not like the dolls but Gotz certainly had some much nicer outfits....have I opened another can of worms?? ;)

    1. Good Evening Ronny! It's lovely to hear from you and especially your Icy Queen self!! :) I put on my multicurtural family and you ask where's Hattie!! Well Hattie is working away on her hat collection for the CnS ! I have to throw a blanket over her as shes sleeping at her sewing machine everynight! I have tried putting her to bed but she just gets up and goes back and starts sewing , so I leave her there so I can get some sleep and not listen to her racket!!! :)
      I love them ski boots too! :) no cans of worms here :))

    2. ....'And good evening to you too SS-R!'
      Pleased to,see that you are still occasionally checking in here with a comment or two plus 'putting the cat amongst the pigeons' as per usual!

  5. Have to agree with Kendal here Dee about Belinda, but i must say Verity is a very close second, lol.
    I love the single fringe girls although I don't have as many as I once did (about eight). I think I am now down to about four now, as a couple had to be adopted out to buy my studio girl, lol.
    I love the Gotz ski outfit too, did you buy it from Shelly's, as she had one a little while back but someone beat me to it, lol?
    I am with Ronny here as i to am not a fan of the earlier Gotz Sasha's (apart from the no noses), I also agree about some of the earlier Gotz outfits. I did see a beautiful no navel on Kendal's blog i quite liked. Taste change over time, so i am never going to say never, lol. xxxx

    1. I to love the single fringe girls and am forever having to stop myself buying more!!! Just love the 68 girls and boys. How lovely to have owned 8 at one time, even 4 is a lovely number I bet they all look just slightly different to each other.
      I found the ski outfit on ebay and it did not sell, so I contacted seller and bought it direct a nice result.
      I love both the Gotz and the Frido/Trendon's but some appeal more than others, and I never say never :))

  6. Awww what lovely girls, and all so beautifully dressed. I love the Gotz ski suit too, it looks so nicely made. And what a gorgeous girlie wearing it! Belinda is lovely! I really shouldn't look at these blogs because each and every time, so I fall in love with yet another Sasha or Gregor.....and my money tree really does need a good watering!!!