Tuesday, 24 September 2013


At last having found the blue dress and boots while tidying things away, Callie who was still wearing her spring dress finally got to change into something else!

Looking very pretty in her new blue dress and beret.

One of the things when trying to find something is you discover something else, in this case the little blue bag that goes just perfectly with the outfit, unfortunately it is hiding her stripy tights that are white ,blue and pink the colours of her dress.

Her boots are navy , I do have a pale blue but thought these would go more with the deeper blue hat but I am going to be making some berets so will try to find a paler blue or a navy to go with this outfit.

Callie is quite petite so the hat can look a little blue and is also why you cannot see her tights but I think the colour suits her.The dress is by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, boots Lisa Hartley and this beret by Ruth Hartley.

 A close up of Callie .

Callie shows you all the back view.

Showing off the other side .

And to end a head and shoulders photo.


  1. Snap!!! that was the dress I had been looking for and located in a box with gills cardigans! She looks very smart in her outfit and ready for the colder weather.

    1. It's a great dress by Ginny, I think it will be a popular style this autumn/winter! Glad I got in quick a few months back when she put them on.

  2. Hello SS-R. Beginning to get a bit concerned that you've dropped oit of our 'first to comment' competition!

  3. Hadn't realised that this WAS the pale blue plaid dress that you were searching for.
    It's really lovely and I was lucky to have been given one exactly the same as a gift from Chris Taylor.

    These slate-eyed Gotz lasses are so attractive and look to be thoroighly enjoying the fun of everyday life. the pale blue of her outfit goes beautifully with her red hair.

    Great little shoulder bag. Perfect size.

    Particularly adore the very last close up photo.

    1. Yes It was THAT one, I knew you had one when I saw it in your box when Gill and I visited, so you are already on ' Trend ' Kendal !
      Callie is a lovely Gotz girl, that probably why Ronny Ronny Ronny's not commented as she's not a Trendon girl!! , sounds like a scholl or uni!!
      The bag I found while sharing for the dress I have another one...somewhere... :)

      That is a nice photo the last one, I like that one too! I am shocking myself at managing to get these close up shots! :)

  4. Awww she's looking so sweet in her blue plaid dress and beret, and the little handbag too! Perfect!
    I too love the slate eyed Gotz girls and this little sweetie is particularly lovely! She has almost a sad look about her, which I love!

  5. She is sweet, I love these gotz girls too!
    She'd probably looking sad as I sold her red haired sister promising to get her a brunette one but she's still waiting.. :)

  6. I haven't been around for a while and what do I see...LOTZ more GOTZ!!

    Noooooooooooooooooooo !! :) Very pretty outfit though:)

    1. And after I made sure the next girl dressed on Trend was my dunagrees girl Verity! :)
      Is it my fault if you will insist on going round like mighty mouse to save the day!!! :))
      Or should that be Dangermouse!!!