Saturday, 7 September 2013


Today I had another go at fitting the Faith wig properly on to Cornelia's head, this time it sat better but meant that the fringe was way too long, so I gave it a quick cut which does make it a bit to uniform but will maybe work on that another time.

I then decided to make the hair into two plaits, which I really like. Due to the differing level's of the hair it gives the plaits a untidy look that I like.

Then Cornelia suggested a change of clothes more in keeping with her new style. So after a search poor Libby had to give up her outfit to Cornelia and is now awaiting a new set of clothes.

Here are some photo's to see what you think.

Here you can see the wig is now on right.

A side view hand in pocket.

A closer view, I think it suits her well.

The other side view facing into the sun.

With one plait pulled forward, you can see it's tied in the English style, a scrap of wool!

Straight on view, both hands now in pockets, showing Cornelia is very comfortable with her new look.

A close up.

Try's a Liss Waif pose but is bending forward to much.

Slightly better pose but head looking to forward.

In the word's of Professor Higgin's " I think she's got it!"

Yes I am liking this wig on her.

Kendal asked for a couple of shots with the Spanish ties ! so they are below.

Here she is wearing Spanish ties to her plaits.

This photo is brighter than the last one.

Thought I'd give you a back view showing just how untidy it truly is..... :)


  1. I'm hopefully here first again SS-R!

  2. Good work Dee. It gives her a delightfully young and carefree tomboy look, ready for anything!

    I just adore the Sasha kids in braids, roll neck T-shirts and dungarees!

    I didn't know about WOOL thread ties being the English way to tie the plaits?... but when you have a spare minute I'd love to see them tied with those strips of material cut from Hattie's headscarf, which, if I remember rightly are in the right tones and will add another different patterned material to the outfit so that we have plain, stripes and checks in the Cindy/Sharon style.

    Some great poses included here!

  3. I agree Kendal the Dungarees, roll neck and braids is a great Sasha look!
    and the untidy braids give that tomboy touch!

    I was talking tongue in cheek when saying wool was English way! :) I have added some photo's with Hattie fabric Spanish ties to complete the look!

    Thanks I was pleased with her poses for this shoot :)

    1. Gosh! A case here of 'Ask and you shall receive!' and so promptly.
      Thanks Dee.

      I think that I'm preferring the Spanish material ties here giving that extra 'chic' look....but give you praise, Dee, for thinking up the wool ties!

  4. LOL, you are both very funny! The Spanish way and the English way, I like it!
    Well now, I really really love this wig on her, I think it suits her perfectly and she looks, as Kendal says above, like a little tomboy ready for anything. That is just how I like my dolls to look too. I don't like them to be too 'groomed', especially their hair, which may be a reflection on myself....I always think that, even after getting ready to go somewhere, I look 'wanting' and it's because I'm still a bit of a tomboy even after all these years as an adult!!! And my hair is often messy because I can't stop fiddling....and this is the look I find perfect for these girls!!!
    I love her poses, her outfit, her plaits and her English AND Spanish hair ties....she's perfect!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon.
      I do agree this so far is the best one on her. Gives her a style of her own and different to my other Sasha's.

      I must say that I am not a tomboy but have never been worried for how I looked compared to other's, maybe because I always land up looking like I was pulled through the hedge backwards whatever I do!

      Now my two front teeth have decided that they no longer like each other and are moving away enough that a small car will soon be able to park between them. I may just as well give up now!!!

      And the Sasha's in this house are well known for appearing in photo's with hair unbrushed and dresses tucked up in their drawer's, so this look of Cornelia's should fit right in !!!

  5. This wig suits Cornelia so well. I do not consider her look to be messy, it just shows that she wanted you to hurry the braiding so she could get moving!

    Her dungarees are wonderful - I especially love the hands in pockets poses.

    1. Thanks Janet, I do think this just may be the wig for her!
      The dungaree's are by Ruth Hartley, I love this style because you can get their hands in the pockets !