Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Well I am still searching for the blue dress and boots! But while searching I came across this lovely dress and saw that it was the right style for the village trend this Winter.

Verity decided that it was 'her' colour so who was I to argue.

The dress is a little longer than the tartan but does have the required style of collar, long sleeves and straight front.

This photo's a little light but still a nice one.

Still cannot believe how beautiful this Sasha Dungarees girl turned out to be!

The dress was a lucky purchase from Maureen in US, I was watching it on Ebay and totally forgot when it was to finish, so missed out but then on the Mart Maureen mentioned that someone had been unable to complete the purchase on a couple of her dresses.
I asked if this dress was one of them and if so I would be interested in buying it and as you can see it was and I did !

These tones of browns , beige do suit Verity.

You can see I went o natural on the background today, I though she'd disappear into the beige MDF board but did use one for her to stand on due to her balancing with the backpack.

Verity thought you'd like to see both sides!

So that's now two in the Village Trend for Winter, now If I could just find that other dress......


  1. I love the whole outfit - the creamy beige boots and wonderful beret are the perfect accents for a really cute dress..
    How lucky you were to have it available - it was meant to be ! the Western print is charming and all the colors are perfect for Verity!

    1. Thanks Janet, I was so lucky to get a second chance to buy the dress and then it to be perfect for this winters 'look' lol
      it was as you say meant to be!

  2. Saw 1 comment and panicked........!

  3. But when I saw that it wasn't SS-R I beathed a huge sigh of relief and went back to view Verity's beautiful post at my leisure.

    I can't understand why my Sasha friend could even begin to think of moving this doll on as she absolutely delightful and so pretty.....but I'm rather glad that she did and that you bought her so that I get to see her here now and then, as she herself doesn't 'blog.'

    These outfit colours so suit her and, as you say, she is now your second girl to be dressed in The Village 2013 Autumnal Fashion.
    The boots and beret complete THE look so that she too is now ready to go !

    I'm so thrilled for you that you were able to purchase it in the end. I always think on these rare sort of occasions that it was meant to be for you to have the doll or item in question

    1. Thank you Kendal. I to believe in fate and if you are meant to get that item, ie Sasha or piece of clothing then so be it! Verity is such a stunning Sasha and so different to Paige who looks younger facially.
      I'm very pleased with how the 'Look' is coming along especially as I have not yet had to buy anything! However I am going to make some berets for my girls and also for the Chat n Snap
      because I cannot get the colours made that I need.

  4. What a lovely girl! And a super outfit. I really like the fabric, it's cute with the indians in their headdresses and the buffaloes, really great! I wonder if it is Japanese fabric as they tend to do cute prints like that!
    I think the whole look is really great on Verity, she's a real beauty! Her facepaint is so soft and makes her look very gentle.

    1. Thank Sharon. It may well be a Japanese fabric as it is quite weighty like that fabric and as you say they do the cute fabrics.
      Verity really suits these browns, creams and beige's and I was so pleased at how well the outfit looks on her.

  5. Verity was definitely right - this dress is hers. What fun fabric.

    1. Thanks A, Yep That dress is definitely hers! Sharon and myself think it must be Japanese Fabric , they do make the most interesting fun fabrics :)