Friday 6 September 2013


Ginny and Zak along with Mossy went to spend a few days on a farm in Shropshire.

They stayed in the Granary , the upstairs of a converted barn.

"Look " says Zak " we are in the middle of the countryside. See that's the long track we had to come down to the farm "
" Look at those sheep !" add's Ginny.

They are soon outside watching the sheep and chicken's in the field next to the garden.

Ginny decide's that the chicken is getting too close and hides behind her brother.

She gets more courageous with the sheep which are further away.

After a lovely rest , the next day Mum and Dad take them to visit Stokesay Castle

 A fortified Manor house looked after by English Heritage.

Zak goes off with dad and Ginny and mum explore. Ginny looking out over the great hall.

Ginny looking out of one of the windows.
" I know " says Ginny " You can take my photo looking out all the different windows !"

Ginny inspects the little cardboard cut out of a saint in the niche of the solar.

Ginny in another window!

"I think people will get bored seeing you at all these window's Ginny!" says Mum
" But I LOVE windows Mum " exclaims Ginny..

" Ok then what about these stairs " Says Ginny " Let's take my photo here!"

"Hey Mum ! Look at this giants chair !" calls Ginny
" It's not a giants chair " replies Mum " It's a settle and you should not be settling there !"
" Oh Mummm " moan's Ginny at Mum's joke..

"Come on Mum !" encourages Ginny " Just these last few steps and we are right at the top of the tower "

" Oo Look how high we are " says Ginny looking out the arrow space.

Ginny then nearly gives mum a heart attack by getting under the safety bars to look down on to the medieval gate house.

A few more of the window's at Stokesay.

another ....

Zak and Ginny meet up in the Church at Stokesay and spend a little time thinking deep thoughts!

Then it's back to the car and off to Shrewsbury for Tea !


  1. Have I beaten K!!
    Missed you and your blogging!!

    1. Oh you noticed It had gone a little quiet then :)

  2. Yay! Have beaten K!!
    Nice to see you had an enjoyable break!It looked picture postcard perfect!

    1. Thank you we all had a lovely time and weather was great to!
      It was indeed PPP :)

  3. Oh dear! Unfortunately you have although I've already checked in many times this morning!

  4. 'Ah yes, I remember it well!' (Words taken from the film Gigi!) as I did an extensive study on this 13thC Fortified Manor House for my Teaching Certificate in 1970 (got a Distinction!) Might still be in one of the million/trillion boxes stored in the garage!)

    Looks like you and DH, Mossy and the two Sasha kids had a wonderful break with perfect sight-seeing weather.
    (Noticing that Ginny has kept her Spanish influenced material strip ties in her hair.)

    Welcome back! I and The Brood have missed you (as no doubt your dogs and cats have) and your blog posts!

    1. I could have done with you there Kendal , along with a megaphone! You could have sat at one of the table's in the garden sipping on a cup of tea and munching on a slice of delicious Lemon sponge ( Oh yes we did too) while calling details and instruction's on what was what and where to move to next!
      Ginny loves she 'Spanish' ties but I need to cut them slightly slimmer.

      Nice to know we were missed :) but be warned they may come think and fast for a few days.... :)

  5. I really like the picture of Ginny looking out the window in the photo under the picture of the niche in the solar. With the scale and angle of the photo, it looks to me as if she is looking out a doorway leading to a magical land. And, from the rest of the pictures, she was indeed in a "magical" land. Mr. Mossy looks so tiny in his picture. With such a big attitude, it't hard to remember that he is little sometimes.

    1. Thanks Julie, I know what you mean, with the light streaming in , it looks like there is something just outside.....
      That Mr Mossy certain does have a big attitude for such a little bear!

  6. I spy with my little eye something small and grey, MR MOSSY!!! (Doll Mum's daughter)

  7. Yeah I too spied Mr Mossy!!!
    Lovely photos Dee, I'm glad you had a lovely time and what a great pair you had there for company! Little Ginny is such a cutie and her brother is a very handsome fellow too....but how on earth do you choose who to take with you and who to leave at home? I've been wondering this each time I look at my 10 and wonder who will have to stay at home next time as I can't possibly keep bringing all ten to the coast with us each time we come here!!!!
    My favourite photo is the 5th one down from the top where the two little ones are watching the sheep.....Zac has the cutest little bottom in this photo, just like a real little child, all squidgy!! Gosh I sound a bit weird here, don't I!!!!

    1. These two were chosen because Ginny looked so sweet in her shorts and top with her plaits and I thought I had picked up Toby!but It was Zak wearing Toby's outfit from last summer! I am glad it was Zak who is always in Toby's shadow so he got to have an adventure for a change.

      I had to go and look at photo five to see what you meant about Zak bottom and I see what you mean it looks so real! Lol

  8. Very late I know but I see you Mr Mossy!
    Great pictures, glad to see you all had a good time :o)