Saturday, 14 September 2013


Jocelyn and Cornelia are out in the garden taking some air between down pours.

They are helping mum put away the backdrop for a photo shoot she's just done.
" I cannot believe all this rain we are having!" says Jocelyn
" I know " replies Cornelia " I think it came back with us from Lady K's , we never have such cold rain down here in September!"
"Come on we'd better move this map before Mum calls us!"

Zak arrives to give the girls a hand with moving the map backdrop.
They start to tell him all about their time at Lady K's.

They are still telling him as they  finish!
" Yes " Jocelyn says " Lady K had the most beautiful Rocking horse I got to ride it!"
" Really " say Cornelia " Where was I ! I did not get a ride "
" You were out watching Mum and Dad take photo's"
" Oh No I would have loved a ride on a rocking horse !" says Cornelia

"Well why don't you have a ride on ours then " says Zak
" Dah! We don't have a rocking horse " says Cornelia
" Just you wait here " says Zak going off.

Zak returns dragging a small wooden rocking  horse!
The girls are stunned .
" Where did you get him? " asks Jocelyn walking over.

"Mum's got lots of things all over the place, that's why she wants a studio to keep them all in!" Zak tells them while Jocelyn admires the horse
" Oh you are so sweet " she says looking him over " I cannot believe we have not had you to play with before!"

Zak helps Jocelyn on to the horse to have a ride.

" Oh he is just perfect " laughs Jocelyn " I loved Auntie Kendal's but he was very very big and did worry I might fall "

" Whose next ? " asks Jocelyn getting ready to get down
" Me " says Cornelia excitedly holding up her hand " My turn next "
Zak does not mind,  Toby and him have been playing with the horse for months.

" Oh this is so great " cries Cornelia rocking back and forth " I love it! Giddy up !"
"We need to give him a name " says Jocelyn
" Yes " cries Cornelia rocking quickly " Reuben !"
"Reuben ! " cry the others in surprise
" Not the horse silly " says Cornelia " Reuben !"

Looking over the others see Reuben walking past.
" Back are you !" calls Zak " Hattie's been looking for you "

" Your in big trouble " says Zak moving round the horse to watch the little bear go past.

" Don't bother me boy! I have decisions to make !" says Reuben over his shoulder
"Yes well one of them had better be what you are going to tell Hattie about stowing away to see lady K's NPs" says Zak " She going to give you a right telling off !"
 Reuben continues walking, thinking " She's got to find me first!" and he hurries away....


  1. I don't believe it! Am I here yet again before SS-R?

    1. Oh please don't give up. I shall miss trying to get here before you. I'm sure that I shan't be able to keep this up for much longer.

  2. Oh what a gorgeous little rocking horse! Is it true that you've had it for a while.....OR has it just arrived today?

    I'm loving that wig on Cornelia, she looks such a spitated little tomboy!

    I'm certainly feeling quite sorry for Reuben these days as life in general seems to be so against him. Just why can't a bear get to choose his 'little Miss' for once?
    Perhaps I should have kidnapped and kept him up here BUT then of course the blog post story couldn't have continued as Mrs Mum has planned!

    Thanks for another wonderful day of blog posts! Long may they continue!

    1. I have had the rocking horse for month's possibly longer , I bought off ebay from a lady who used it for her Natterer dolls and just put it with all my other props to await it's time to shine and then
      I remembered it this morning and it was it's time to shine :)

      Reuben is well able to take care of himself :) and is no doubt up to something!

      It's back to work Monday so the posts will slow.....

  3. Love the close up photo of Jocelyn looking at the rocking horse!

    1. I like that shot to! Actually came out in focus which is always a bonus :)

  4. Your little stories make my days. Thank you 

    1. I am glad you enjoy them Brigitte :)
      You besutiful pictures make mine :)

    2. Oops That should say Beautiful !

  5. That is a very sweet little rocking horse and just the perfect size for the girls and boys. I love little Zac, isn't he a cute little lad, and looks so sweet in his outfit. I like all the blues in these photos, sooo pretty!

  6. It is a nice Rocking horse and I had totally forgotten it until I came back from Kendal's and was about to do a post!
    Zak, my little waif is a darling and a keeper along with his mischieful brother Toby!

    I must confess I never even noticed they were all in toning shades of blue...well except reuben :)