Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Edward's car is all nice and clean after it's adventure with Hugo, Mossy and Reuben and he is ready to make a journey North!

"This is much better than travelling by motor bike " says Mossy
" I suggest you keep quiet after what you did to my lovely new motor " grumbles Edward from the front seat.

" And " carries on Mossy totally ignoring Edwards comment " You kept this Caravan quiet ! What a fantastic thing. We won't be sleeping in a hedge tonight !"
"If you don't be quiet you WILL be sleeping in a hedge tonight!" mutter's Edward crossly.

"Now you will need to turn left at the end of the drive Percy " says Edward
"Why does Percy get to drive!" moan's Mossy from the back seat
"Why have you got the letter with you" mocks Percy
"This FAN letter " says Mossy smugly " is very important too important to just leave lying about! and anyway I am sure Lady Kendal would like to see it !"

"It's very good of you to take a turn at the driving Percy " says Edward
" My pleasure " replies Percy " I often used to drive for my previous family "
" I often used to drive for my previous family " mutters Mossy from the back seat annoyed that if he cannot drive He should at least be allowed to sit in front!

Getting to the end of the drive Percy indicates left and begins to pull out.

There's a slight bump over the paving and a groan comes from the back!
"You can always stay behind !" says Edward to Mossy
"What! I never said a word!"
"Then stop groaning. You are NOT driving and that is final!"
Mossy holds tightly to his fan letter while looking daggers at the back of Edwards head!

Finally out in the road, the bears all cheer up excited to be on their way.
"We should make good time to be at Lady Kendal's for lunch tomorrow " says Edward

They head off down the hill to the main road.
Unknown to them there is a stowaway on board
" I'm coming Lady K, I'm coming " whispers Reuben " Have your NP girls ready If I survive this bumpy badly driven journey I'm sure one of your girls will be my prefect little Miss "
He settles down to try and get some sleep before Edward and crew discover him tonight when they stop to rest..He is sure Edward will make him sleep in the hedge!



  1. Replies
    1. Well, I can't win everytime :) Well Done YOU!!
      I LOVED this post! And as for the car and caravan too cute for words! Do think Mrs Mum is extremely mean not to give the little furry lads a lift in her Nissan Micra! I C U MOS!!

    2. Mrs Mum is being driven in the x trail By Mr Dad, so she will have the energy to keep all those bears and Sasha's in check!

      And you cannot count Mossy when he is sitting in plain view Talking or grumbling from the back of the car!!! :)

  2. Oh what a cute little caravan. Did you buy them separately or together? They look fantastic together so guessing that they both at least belong to the same series.
    I just adore things like this!

    Looks like I'm expecting visitors tomorrow then? Better get the best cut-glass and silver out (and check if it needs polishing) if I'm correct and spying Reuben hiding in the back of the caravan.
    Can't let the side down can we?

    Have put a couple of the no-philtrum girls in charge of making sure that the NP's hairstyles are all neat and tidy ready for tomorrows interviewing (as if I'm silver cleaning I shan't have the time!)

    So pleased that Mr Mossy is coming again and bringing his fan mail for me to read!

    Safe and pleasant journey (no arguimng or falling out!) although I'm sorry that it's such a LONG, long one but at least you have the caravan to spend the night in as it's getting much too cold for sleeping in the hedgerows now that the weather has turned Autumnal.

    Must say a prayer tonight as after ALL these weeks without a drop of rain, guess what, RAIN is forecasted for Cheshire for tomorrow!
    Sometimes I just give up!

    1. The caravan came along with the car but I have saved it's appearence until now.

      I'm sure Reuben will be impressed with all the beautfiul Silver and Cut glass him being a bear of distinction ! or so he thinks !

      I sure HE will love all the NP girl's preening for him! I wonder when he will realise that he is already taken!!!

      Hopefully the rain won't be too bad but I am sure a good time is going to be had by all :)

  3. I'm forseeing nothng but trouble with those three/four off caravanning. Hope all of you have a wonderful visit.

    1. I'm just hoping they all arrive together and don't leave poor Reuben in the hedgerow along the road somewhere!
      Will report back on all the going's on at lady K's :)

  4. I see you Mr Mossy and I hope Kendal's girls give Reuben the brush off!! although i'm sure they'll be too polite to be mean or nasty.

    1. Not another one trying to count Mr Mossy when he is in full view and talking!!
      I am sure Kendal's Np's are very well brought up young ladies and will deal with Reuben in a firm and polite manner......:)

  5. Looking forward to your next blog post Dee, lol. Can hardly wait to see what Reuben gets up to, lol. xxxx

    1. That's if he's arrived safely and Edwards not thrown him out the back along with Mossy! :)

  6. I hope Hattie is going with you to Lady Kendal to sort her bear out when he preens in front of her NPs in the hope that one of them snaps him up. he really does need a firm hand. he is a very enterprising bear sneaking into the caravan. I hope the bears remembered to pack blankets or sleeping backs for their overnight caravanning, it is a vintage model so won't have central heating.

    1. I believe that Hattie was too busy with her new hat collection to go to Lady K's!
      Luckily the bears are all wearing their winter fur coats so will not be worried by the cold but won't like the rain!!!

  7. LOVE it!!! That caravan is amazing along with the gorgeous car!!!!
    And the Stowaway!!! Had me laughing out loud. Sooo funny seeing him stuffed in there!!!

    1. :) glad it made you laugh.
      The caravan and car are so cute , just wish they were a tint bit bigger for Edward to sit better but then they'd be too big to find a place to store them!
      Need my studio but with all this rain here , it's gone on back burner!