Friday 4 October 2013


Totally off topic but I thought you might like to see what the animals get up to in the village house!
this is Milo sleeping on the DH's computer desk while he tries to work round him!At least in this position he is not dangling his paws onto the keypad which is a favourite game of his!!

Then we have the 'stray' cat that's decided that we are it's home from home!

She spends most of her day sleeping on one of the dogs beds in the kitchen!!

"Now where's that film! Now to get rid of three dogs and two cats in three easy steps!" Saffy 'one tooth' the Killer cat.

And here we have the DH at work on his computer surrounded by the dogs! Izzy is on the left ,Hamish in the middle and our eldest daughters Westie Archie is sitting waiting for attention facing the love of his life ( the no 1 child moans how she comes second to her dad in her dogs affections!)
And as you can see I have to use the family computer in the cupboard! No animals around me! well apart from the enormous house spider that I evicted last night!!!!



  1. I think I am on a roll...have I beaten K??
    Great to see your beasties know how I love dogs (and cats!)
    Your Westies are oh so cute!

  2. They have just come back from the groomers so are looking very neat and tidy! It wont last :)

  3. Rather like a case of.....
    'One man and his dog went to work on his computer,
    One man and two dogs went to work on his computer,
    One man and three dogs went to work on his computer etc.....

    Archie looks just like my daughter's late two dogs used to be, never taking their adoring eyes off her. Ready at any second to follow her if she made to move. They would even sit patiently by the dinning table watching her every move as she ate her meal, knowing that they would be fed immediately after she had finished.
    Unfortunately when they were all up here with me, being a much slower eater than she is, she would have to pretend to carry on eating until I too had finished.
    Then the moment that she had finally put her knife and fork down on her plate they would be standing up doing a little soft paw dance shuffle from right to left front foot (knowing that they would be then heading to the kitchen to be fed.

    My sister's household is always gaining stray cats added to their own three. They first appear in their barns to sleep and take shelter. Food is left out there for them until the freezing Winter months when they seem to claw their way into the untilty room, but are still known as the outside catts and are separated from the family pets, who they tend to fight.

    I have a neighbour's cat who likes to sleep on my front door mat as it is sheltered there from the rain by the garage canopy but unfortunately he often disturbs me during the night as when he comes or goes he triggers the outside security light to come on.

    1. All the dogs and Saffy follow Paul into the kitchen and sit near when he eats because he is a soft touch for a tip bit! Although whenthey returned from Groomers today and he saw they had all put on weight, he says they are now on diets....I'll see just how long that lasts!!!
      I have no Idea if this cheeky cat who thinks it lives here as an owner but will need to find out soon incase she needs her shots.

  4. Awww Dee, I loved seeing your Fur Babies, they are lovely! We too are animal lovers here, with our five dogs, 1 parrot and 1 Lovebird, so I really enjoy seeing other peoples furry families too!
    I love the photo of Saffy, he/she really does look like he's wondering what film to put in the DVD player!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I love them even if I am second in the pecking order!! Lol
      Saffy (short for Saffron) is a female and rules the dogs with a sharpened claw!! She likes to watch dvd's where the dogs always lose! :) and from that photo she looks like she could do with some reading glasses!!