Sunday 6 October 2013


Well I thought I would share the last of today's photo's and a every exciting find of someone's.

This is shop number three, just started .

Shop number two with it's window sill in place.

Shop number one, under coated and ready for painting and any other trimmings.

Thought I would put them together to get a feel for the end look. They take up a fair bit of room but will look great with several Sasha's and Gregors walking along looking in the windows!! It's quite exciting !

Now to the exciting find of another of our Sasha family. Catherine French today shared the most fabulous item that her husband Paul found and brought home for her! It cannot be opened but is perfect for a Sasha prop and I am so green!!

YES A CAR!  Shown here with two of her lads giving it a wipe over.What a great find!

What a lovely colour and the boys are doing a good job polishing it up. Catherine's agreed to bring it to the Chat n Snap to park by the shops!! But she insists on no yellow lines or traffic warden's.. although she did say she could just see Hattie giving her a ticket!!

Cannot wait to see all this together.



  1. It is going to look fantastic!! Loving this car! So much nicer than the AG blue VW Beetle with the wrong size windscreen :)

    1. Cannot wait to see it parked in front of the shops! lol just hope there's enough room for all this!!

  2. The car has a brilliant shine thanks to the boys and the shop fronts are looking very promising. I wonder what we shall see in the windows at the chat n snap (will one of them be a toy shop perhaps, or a clothes shop or sweet shop?) I think they will be a big attraction.

    1. Yes the boys have done a great job. We will have to wait and see what gets into the shop's for the chat n snap! Hopefully everyone will enjoy seeing them.

  3. What a truly magnificent days work your husband has done! The shop/house fronts are looking just spectacular. Can barely wait to see them and experience photographing them when they are finished and set up displaying their wares.

    I'm thinking that one surely has to be Hattie's millinery with her hats and berets displayed on her hat stands. Another definitely a minature toy shop as it's near Christmas and the third a sweet shop as I have just the very items for that which I was given for last Christmas but haven't felt 100% well enough to set up and use as yet.

    Alternatively one could be a house at Christmas with a wreath on the door and stockings hanging from the mantlepiece with a decorated Christmas tree (with lights!) and pile of presents underneath all on show through the window.
    Two minature Bay trees could stand in pots on either side of the front door to welcome friends and family and not forgetting Catherine's car parked outside!.

    The possibilties are just endless.....your next 500 blog posts are already sorted.

    Adore Catherine's little car. Why, I am asking myself haven't I a husband called PAUL! It seems that they both have a magic Sasha touch which iis just what is needed in a Sasha Collector's home!!

    Congratulations SS-R on beating me again.Was it a draw and then one each today? I'm realising that there are some 'very late going to bed Sasha collectors' around.....though admittedly I was just having my bath at this time!

    1. Yes, we 'scored' one each and a draw! We are both getting good at this:)

    2. Aren't we just! Exciting times!

    3. It's too early to do the shops up for Christmas and as much as I do like all your idea's most of which I have already had, I will be restricted for the C nS by what I have available and time to set up! If you lived just down the road, I might have put you in charge of one.. :)
      But hopefully they will look interesting to Sasha's and their mums!
      Yes the Nmae Paul does seem to come with a premium for Sasha collectors :)

  4. OH WOW, on both counts! I love what Paul has done so far with the shop fronts, they are just brilliant and I can hardly wait for them to be finished. In some ways it reminds me a bit of the shop fronts in places like Universal Studios, where you see all these wonderful places but they are just facades! So cool! Of course yours will actually now have little wonders behind them, so that we can all be nosy and peer through the windows into Sasha's World!!
    And that car is amazing, it must be very big. What a shame it can't be opened and dolls put inside! I would love one like that for my BJDs, although to be honest, only one of mine is old enough to drive so it would be wasted, but great all the same. I love how the boys are giving it such a nice clean and shine. Please send them to me next as my car is very dusty!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I to cannot wait to see them finished and in posotion full of goodie on sale!! and I will still have use of mine for after event, so another great prop for the village :) I am going to have them each painted a different colour .
      The car is great , I think it's also quite heavy! A great colour and as you say Sasha's are only children , so should not be driving, so having one to polish is a bonus!
      I'll ask Catherine if her boys have passports and fancy a mini working holiday ! :)