Friday 4 October 2013


I took a few photo's of the five boy's now left in the village. Once they reached the dizzy heights of TWELVE but only for about a month , then one moved on. But as I have rearranged my collection more boys have fallen by the wayside!
Now there are just these five.

All still in their summer Dollydoodles wear, waiting to be changed. Being boys they do not rush into warmer clothing!, or so they tell me!

From the left we have Percy my 69 PJ boy, then Toby 70's boy,then Nathaniel 68 shorts boy,beside him is Duncan 80's blue cord boy and on the end is Zak a 70's boy.

Here Duncan who looks much bigger than the others, some of which could be due to his thick soled trainers as moved to the middle.
Poor old Ashley had to stand in the rain for her photo shoot this morning and here are the boys basking in the sunshine!! Tomorrow I will start changing them into warmer clothes and will take better set of photos, without all the shadows and sun.


Hey SS-R     NOT a Gotz in sight!!!!!


  1. Thank Gotz! I mean Thank God!! Lovely to see this line up of handsome (Trendon) boys Dee!!

  2. Glad to see, SS-R, that you are making a greater effort with our personal challenge today. (This and the following post was listed during my afternoon nap period which is rather naughty of Dee!)

    Gosh! That's a huge downsizing in the Village boys numbers!
    I admit that two (and a third is getting himself ready to depart to help with my travelling costs to the Chat n' Snap) have gone bringing my numbers down from thirteen to hopefully ten.

    I'm noticing that my lads have three outfits exactly the same as yours. I just love them in the DD clothing. Makes them look like real life trendy little boys.

  3. I do not have your diary Kendal, so do not know your movements!!!
    Yes the boys are now in the minority along with the babies! I am afraid its girls rule here!!

    The DD summer ooutfits are great for theboys and do look so 'boyish' on them :)

  4. What a lovely line-up of handsome boys!
    I like their outfits, as Kendal says, dressed like real little boys would be dressed.
    My favourite boy of yours is Zac, he is just so sweet and baby faced....and how could I forget his little round bottom in the photos from your recent holiday!
    (Actually, I sound a little bit weird saying that, don't I!!!!)

    1. Yes you do S!! But we know what you mean :)

    2. It's ok Sharon, we wont tell where you live !!
      You must be a nightmare down on the beach saying 'Oh what a lovely bum Let me squeeze it!" Lol.. :)

    3. Dee, you don't realise just how close to the truth that is!