Friday 4 October 2013


Ellen Church sent out these photo's of her boy Mathew in his new coat being right up to date with the latest hat Trend of the beret!

He is looking snug and warm.

Love his long grey cable patterned socks by Ellen.

Now I thought That coat looks familiar and it was! I had just receive the one I purchased .

Here is Ashley wearing it, It goes beautifully with her Ruth Hartley repro smocked outfit in Raspberry.

A close up of Ashley , who I was wondering did her fringe remind me of!!! then I realised Herman Munster!!! Sorry Ashley :)

Thought I would try Ashley with a beret .

I went with the red but I think Ellen's wine coloured one would look better with this outfit.

Here you can see that Ashley was very good and stood out in the rain to have these last few photo's taken.



  1. Good afternoon SS-R and Mrs Mum!

  2. Yes, Ellen had sent me those photos of Matthew in his new Autumn coat and hat a little while ago.
    How super that you too have a similar coat although with different, more girly, buttons. I really like it over the Ruthsdoll's raspberry checked smocked dress, just perfect to add that extra layer of warmth.

    You'd easily get away with using your red beret, especially from a distance, if the maroon coat hood lining wasn't showing.

    Please say a big thank you to Ashley for braving the rain to have this delightful photoshoot taken.

  3. Replies
    1. That's a boy in the first two photo's AND a TRENDON one So them being your favourites I thought YOU would know that!!! :)

    2. .....and 'Hello to you SS-R!' Glad that you've finally made it here. Was rather missing you.

  4. Oh he is GORGEOUS!!! I love him!! I have to say that at first I thought he was a 'she' but then saw the full length and realised my mistake. Such a lovely boy in a super outfit. That is the sort of outfit that you'd see on a child here in Spain, probably not the beret, but maybe some sort of knitted hat. It's a lovely outfit. And your little girlie looks beautiful too Dee, I like her outfit. The coat is really nice and it's lovely with the beret.

    1. He is ! Ellen's boys always look sooo right! Love that he's wearing shorts and long socks!!! sweeeeet!