Saturday 5 October 2013


Now I need to catch up on a few things. The competition for a Sasha  or Gregor to come and have a story made around them in the Village will be drawn at the end of this month.I will inform the winner and then announce it on the blog.
The Chat n Snap I have organised is now rapidly approaching and so I am needing to spend time on a few finishing touches for that.

Mossy will still be hiding here there and everywhere until December and No if he is sitting in full view It's NOT a I see you Mr Mossy!! :)

Don't know where this years gone!Only seems like last month I was battling through the snow while making plans for the CnS!

If I have missed anything I am sure one of you will tell me :)

have a great weekend.


  1. Have a good weekend Everyone whatever you are up to!
    PS Am so pleased there are no Gotz dolls featured on this post :)

    1. They very nearly DID!!! but I thought I'd give you a break !!! lol just the one mind...:)

  2. Oh NO-ooo! Checked in here earlier but nothing and now SS-R's beaten me to it again! That's three times in a row! Beginning to regret suggesting that you 'uppt' your game now!

    Have taken note Dee of the above message! Like you my life is flying by at 'the rate of knots!'
    The Chat n' Snap is only THREE weeks today away now.
    Had promised myself that I would get SO much done here before I went especially in the garden (as remember last year we had snow and frost early in the November until February/March) but looks like another promise to myself has been broken.

    1. Yes Kendal just three weeks , well now when I am replying it's under three weeks !!!
      And I am always making promises to get this or that done, by the end of the week or weekend or month or whatever and it hardly ever happens so we are all the same...but hey we have Sasha's which is the most important of all!! :)

  3. I just wrote a comment and it disappeared before my eyes!!!
    Here we go again. I hope someone will take lots of photos at the Chat n Snap so that I can see who is who and put faces to names! I so wish I could come to it...Maybe next year!

    1. I have Paul on official photographer duty for the event and I will be snapping away so there will be plenty of photo's, mine maybe a little off kilter :)
      There is always Next year Sharon.. :)