Sunday 27 October 2013


Well I finally got to see the shops all together in a high street setting and they look just as I had hoped they would.

The village high street complete with a few shoppers.

Checking out the toys in the Village toy shop.

Pausing to look at the shoes in Jean Jensen's shoe shop.

Heading to the village boutique where Hattie can be seen awaiting any customers in need of a new wardrobe.

Hattie checks the stock on the rail to make sure everything is ready for a busy Saturday of determined Sasha shoppers.

Setting up ready for the off.

Waiting and chatting, over at the back I am admiring Jocelyn's Bargain shorts boy who must say did want to stay with me , I did offer Jocelyn a quick Ten pounds profit but she was having none of it and insisted that Tom was very happy in his new home!

Elsewhere people were discussing Sasha's who were visiting and taking photo's.

Sarah arrives and starts to set up as it's nearly time to start to sell !

After the first rush people start to take their time going round again for a second or third look.


We do not have any photo's of the busy time as well everyone was busy! and I think my official photographer was chatting!!!But here you can see people going round again taking their time making those important decision's you know the ones! Eat well for the next week or buy that gorgeous outfit and live on beans on toast ! Why do you think that storm's coming tonight with all that wind!!!!

Meanwhile back on the high street two of the Sasha's are checking out the boutique.

They are admiring a lovely smocked dress and a yellow winter jacket.

Over at the graffitti wall Toby is saying he did not write on the wall while Zak is saying then why does it say Tobes was here !

 Catherine's boys have driven their new car to the village for everyone to admire and have brought along their cleaning equipment to show it off at it's best !

He is working hard on keeping the car shining.

His brother at the other end starts telling him he needs to work harder and put his back into it!
They start arguing about whose side of the car is shiniest!

They are so busy arguing that they do not realise the car is gone!!!!

Stunned he looks about for it!

All their cleaning equipment is still there but no car!

They start arguing about why didn't the other one see it go!

 Hold on! Whose this? he's not a Gregor!

Oh It's Mike the big brother of the Village clan , what have you been up to Mike? Nothing! Mm we don't believe you lets have a look at the photo's.

What that in the back ground while Catherine's boys are arguing? looks like a kidz n cats boy to me!
Let's get a closer look....

Yes definitely a Cat's boy moving that car!
Well mike what have you got to say for yourself!

Oh you were just winding them up and you were going to show them where it was later ! Well for that you can take over cleaning the car while they go and have a slice of cake,...NO..don't argue just do it!
That's what comes of letting a Cat's bad boy into a Sasha event. What's that mike ? No we do not want to see your tattoo ! What do you mean you showed it to a vicar or was she a vicar's wife your not sure and another fine looking blonde woman ! the shame!!

I think I should end this post here while I have a little word with this young lad.
More photo's later this week of the Sasha who attended.



  1. How I enjoy a little retail therapy...certainly enjoyed seeing these photos...and look forward to more :)

    1. Maybe next year you could see it all first'd best start saving :)

  2. I noticed the car had disappeared during the afternoon, I didn't spot it behind the shops!
    We came with a budget and didn't exceed it so the retail therapy was definitely good, especially as we gained baby Leo and met travelling baby Drake.

    1. What can I say he is a good boy really just mischievous :)
      That is good you stuck to your budget! One day I may actually manage that myself :))
      Drake is looking forward to meeting baby Leo again in a few weeks when he again goes travelling.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Not only for hosting this (even if I couldn't attend), but for taking and posting all the wonderful photos. It's so good to know that I'm not alone in my "hobbie" err obsession :)

    1. You are welcome :) There are many out there who are obsessed with Sasha and quite a few turned up to the C nS lol

  4. Forgot to mention how great your props look. The shops turned out very well, and adding the graffiti wall was inspired.

    1. Thanks Julie, I was really pleased with the row of shops, The graffitti wall was a last minute addition and was being done the night before ! but I wanted something for the boys! :)

  5. Wow! What an event! There is definitely a future in building design for a certain gentleman.
    Hope all the Sashas/Gregors who were looking for new homes went off with a new mum. Love all the outfits you showed before. Had to turn off the computer before my lots were led astray (by me!) into the 'I wants' disease. Jenni x

    1. Thanks Jenni, quite a few found a new home and a few are still listed on the sales page of the blog for anyone one else you may have a spare bed for a homeless sasha or Gregor.
      At least you could turn off the computer to stop the I wants I wants, I attended and I could still say I wanted I wanted

  6. Brilliant! Loved all the photos and look forward to definitely hope to attend next year!
    Those shops are great, and I love Hatties outfit....she stands out from the crowd as ever!!!

    1. Thanks Sharon, It was a fun day and great catching up with people.
      Hattie is always Hattie , a OOAK girl :)
      You'd best get saving for next years do!!!

  7. Finally, I've eventually got home just before my 24 hour rail ticket ran out! NOT at all impressed with your weather down south! We've had absolutely no weather chaos at all up here. Just a normal pleasant ordinary day.

    BOTH my pre-booked trains were cancelled so had almost despaired of getting home at all today. (Was certainly pleased that I had remembered to insured myself against my very expensive tickets!)

    I did have a wonderful time at the Chat n' Snap and am delighted to say that my daughter has taken some great photos (although she has never used my camera before and I hadn't given her any instructions as to how to set it up, so was a case of 'trial and error' to put it mildly) of the dolls there as I was just too tired after all the travelling the day before to even bother to pick up my camera up myself.

    Will try to add them to my blog asap as just off to bed now exhausted.

    1. WE love our weather Kendal , never a dull moment!!!

      Glad you enjoyed your time at the chat n snap and I know that shopped til you dropped!! :)

      I'm looking forward to seeing Chon's photo's :)

  8. With no hope of attending, I am here in the USA enjoying the Chat n snap through the pictures. There were lots of wonderful items for sale - and I loved the shop windows.
    I just wish some of the photos had identifying names - I'll never get to meet most of the people, but it would be great to know who they are.

    1. Happy that you are enjoying the photo's. I cannot say who is who without having asked their permission as some people prefer to keep a low profile,for various reason.

  9. Thank you for a wonderful day Dee. It was so nice to meet people who have emailed me and to put a face to the name and I told you I'd get Kendal there didnt I?
    I think she looked really well and everyone seemed to have a good time swapping doll tales etc.... Got hit by the hurricane going home which was really scary by Wembley. It was super seeing all the new places on the drive down and I am delighted with my little blue pram which helped raise money for Charity. Thanks again. With love, Sarah and her Sasha Rabble xxx

    1. Thanks Sarah. It was lovely meeting up with you again. I am so pleased that both Kendal and you made the trip, long but I think worth it.
      And an eventful journey home!! what more could a sasha lover ask for!!! :)