Sunday 27 October 2013


Well it was I believe a success, almost all the people who bought tickets came and had a good old Chatter and shopped ( Snapped) till they dropped, so to speak. Everyone liked that they had time to settle in and get a drink or have a chat before the sales tables opened at 12 noon.

Then after a good look round the sales tables and several purchases , people sat for a drink and a bite to eat and more chatter before attacking the tables once again and doing some more snapping, buying that extra item or giving in to that ' well I'm here I'll only wished I'd bought it when I got home' feeling.
below are some photo's of the sales tables being set up and the goodies for sale..

The sales table were set in a square with the sellers inside able to give the buyers to move completely round them and look at what's on offer.The entrance is over on the left of the photo and over on the right and middle is the tables and chairs for chatting and eating.
These goods are Michelle's who was selling knit wear, babies tights and Sasha tights and some Sasha furniture.

Next to Michelle was Sashapotamus who did a roaring trade but there is still a fair bit left which I will list on my sales Page later today for anyone interested before I return what's left to Cassandra.

Next we have my boxes of 6mm and 12mm ribbons that I was selling, there are quite a few left and again I will be putting some of these on my sales page along with some of the Berets that were left over.

Now here we have the Lovely and very generous Ken and Doreen ( KD) corner, they very kindly donated the Playpen, pram and push along horse to be sold for the Charity ( there was also a dress display stand but Hattie nipped in quick to buy that as she was wanting an extra one for her shop display) these were all sold raising an amazing £98 for the charity.
Behind you can see a lovely Sasha?Gregor sized Chalk board That was soon snapped up and a beautiful working baby swing in which A very tired Baby Drake is sitting in after his long journey from Spain to spend a few weeks in the village before heading off to Milton Keynes! Lots of interest in the swing but a very lucky person snapped it up and some babies will be having a great time with it soon.
The swing, chalk board and pram came be made to order by KD, along with the playpen.

Then next to KD we have Hattie's Berets, she was busy in her boutique on the high street so we had to sell them on her behalf. Then Gill's boy Gomez who is looking for a new home beside Gill's box of jackets and sweaters . Behind is the raffle box for the grey shop front.

A closer look at some of Gill's knitwear.

Now I know this photo looks blurred but its due to the plastic bags that Gill's 100 yes she made it to her target of 100 pairs of beautiful socks are in.This was what they looked like at 12..and this...

is what the box looked like 50 minutes later.....I wish I'd bought some more earlier!!!!

Next we have Dollmum's games stall with these fantastic sets of games for Sasha and Gregor, Hobby horses , Chairs and skipping ropes.

Along on the corner was Angie's stall selling off some of her Gotz and Sasha and Gregor dolls plus a couple of Natterers.

More of Angie's dolls, I so wanted to buy the two red heads but I was very good and resisted and they were soon snapped up along with quite a few others seen here.

Here we have some of Dolly Doodles goods that were for sale, so many to chose from and so little money!!!

A few more of Judith's goodies. Beside her was Sarah of Vintage Sasha but as she was late getting there we have no photo's ! I know what can I say but blame Paul ! But then he was probably doing something else and the sale had started so he would have probably been injured in the stampede if he'd tried to get through!!

Before Judith's stall was Ginny and Betty from A Passion for Sasha these are just some of the gorgeous dresses they were selling, I could have bought at least a dozen of her dresses! and so wish I had!! I did buy four and will be after a few more over the next few months. I would like to Thank Ginny and Betty for coming all the way from Leeds to take part.


A side view of the tables starting with Ginny, then Judith and then Sarah about to set up. A couple of others , Jane and Chris arrived to set up but unfortunately I do not have a photo of their stalls so will be in big trouble with Kendal but at least you can see most of what was on offer and hey! next time come along then you can see and buy!!!

Well I will end the post here for now so you can examine the goods and will post some more later.



  1. WOW! What a fabulous day everyone must have had...all that shopping :)

  2. Oooooh boy! I'm suffering from SERIOUS SHOPPING ENVY here right now! Next year I really would like to be able to attend, I'll have to start saving now though, won't I? If so much lovely stuff is going to be repeated next year!!!
    Hope everyone enjoyed themselves!
    Are there any photos of the people???

  3. I'm with Sharon - we want an International Sasha Shopping Catalogue - preferably with interest free credit! LOL.

    1. And NECTAR POINTS:) Well, if ebay can do it ...:)

    2. Free AIRLINE MILES might be a good one!!!!

  4. Looks like you three are 'wanting jam on it!'

    1. Oooh yes, plum jam please! Can't get that here!!!! ;)