Friday 18 October 2013


with window shelves painted, just perspex to add and a sign.

So time to PLAY..................

" How much is that doggy in the windowwwwww "
Alfie looks skyward at Mrs Mum's terrible singing!

Alfie's managed to escape from the window as Mrs Mum starts to fill it with bears!
Anastacia, Gloria, Gerty and Amiee  sit chatting excitedly at getting to 'play' in the new shop!

Percy calls Alfie over to the window.

"What's it all about  Alfie ? " he asks   :)

The window soon starts filling up as more of the Village bears are placed on the display.
"Where's Mossy? " asks Edward
" Probably hiding " says Percy " The big chicken!"

" Hoy! " calls Mossy climbing over poor Alfie's head " Who you calling a Chicken Percy!"
Edward answers " Stop shouting Mossy and get on here and sit down "

"What are you doing? " asks Edward
"I'm making sure no one buys me!" replies Mossy from the corner he is hiding in
"Chicken " mutters Percy
"Quiet " says Edward to Percy then looks back at Mossy " Why would anyone want to buy a scraggy ole
bear like you? " he says soothingly
Mossy's not impressed " My jewel ! That's why ! to steal it!"
Edward sighs " That's true but since we are just here so Mrs Mum can work out how many things will fit and what it all looks like, I do not think anyone, will be buying anyone today!" then craftily he continues " Of course if you do not want to be in the village blog post then tuck yourself right back "

Suddenly Mossy's sitting beside Edward " I have to be in the post my fan's will be dev dev deviff mm upset! if they do not see their Mr Mossy !"

Soon Mrs Mum's found enough bears to fill the window, Alfie looks on in amusement glad he's not back in that window listening to Mrs Mum's singing!

Just then Nate comes by and stops to look at all the bears.

He asks the bears what going on and they all talk at once telling him how they are helping out Mrs Mum.

While he's chatting to Gerty and Aimee, Reuben puts out a little sign.

"Rudy Darlink What iz that ?" Anastacia asks
" Just a sign to make sure I am bought by the right Sasha "
" Zilly boy! No ones to get sold " laughs Ananstacia " Mrs Mum she just plays for the peeps that watch "
"That's what youse... I mean you think " says Reuben " and my name is Reuben "
Anastacia's tinkling laugh fills the little shop window " Oh Rudy you are so sweetie "

Nate notices Reuben's sign but says nothing as he gets ready to continue on his way.

Once he's passed Reuben he says loudly " Hi Hattie where are you off to? you should stop and see Mum's window display of the village bears "
In a panic Reuben shoves the sign further down the shelf where it stops in front of Annie and Gloria !

Laughing Anastacia says " Smile for the camera Glory , I may find a nice NP girl to take me  home !"
Reuben grumbles in the corner !



  1. Dollmums daughter: I'm really exited for the chat'n snap

  2. Oh! Paul and Dee it looks absolutely MARVELLOUS with the displays set up.

    Love the toy shop version as well as the Sashapotamus dispay.
    'How much is that doggie in the window' song was a big hit in my day! Adore the Bear Hall Scene. with the Reuben take with his special notice!

    The Sashapotamus clothing displays absolutely beautifully.

    What a SUPERB Sasha team you two make! Many thanks indeed for this great post.

    I'm now just too excited about it all to settle down for my afternoon nap!!!!

    I'm getting SO excited about seeing them first hand and then taking a few photos with my doll

    1. They are looking good, I must agree. Loved playing with the Sashapotamus clothes and the bears!.
      I'm looking forward to seeing them all set up in the hall ready for people to take their Sasha's and Gregor's shopping! :)
      Only SEVEN Days to go!!!

  3. The shop front looks great with the bears, Mossy and Reuben were fuuny as usual without meaning to be. Will there be a doorknob on the door?

  4. Thanks. There will be a doorknob just have to find some before next Saturday!!!

  5. Awww those shelves look lovely and just perfect for the bears!! I'm sure that none of them would really want to be sold and go live elsewhere than the Sasha Village....they'd soon want to come home again!
    I've just been cleaning and tidying my dolly/sewing room and found a bear here who would fit in nicely with your gang.....I think I bought him in Florida some years ago, had to dust him off, poor fellow as he's been neglected!!! I may display him with my Sasha and Gregors....he would like to meet them, I'm sure!

    1. I am sure despite all their moaning and groaning ( well apart from Reuben) would all hate to live anywhere else!
      Yes that poor Teddy needs a bit of Sasha/Gregor love and cuddles after being neglected for so long! :0

  6. Hello!!!
    FABULOUS shop....I don't suppose I C U MR MOSSY counts today does it???

    1. Stop being so hopeful!
      Now YOU know that Dee said that if Mossy was in FULL sight it doesn't count as a 'I C U Mr Mossy!'

      I'm very much looking forward to seeing YOU though on Saturday!

    2. Spoil sport K!! Looking forward to meeting you too...I think :) :)