Sunday 13 October 2013


It's all happening in the Sasha Village in preparation for the Chat n Snap that is now only THIRTEEN days, TWELVE (if we do not count today) away!

The DH has been getting on with the shop fronts.

Everyone's checking out his work including the stray Cat ! She appears to be doing a very thorough inspection!

Winter also checks out a shop front as she passes, this one's had it's first coat of pale green paint.

Here we have the master in action painting the stone textured effect on the cornice , this shop is painted with it's first coat of dusky lavender called Relaxed! by Sanctuary paint.

Here is the third shop front painted in a pale grey by Sanctuary Paints called Lady grey and also with it's pavement painted in a dark slate grey drying off. Behind is the green front .
I will be raffling this Grey fronted shop at the C n S.

While the Dh's cutting, fixing and painting I have been helping Hattie make the berets , she'll be selling at the C n S.

I was going to sneak in and use these shop fronts for another post but the DH made a growling noise when he came to get one and found me and the girl's in the way!! So will have to wait a few days...mainly so the paint's dry before I try sneaking in again.....

We bought some black paint for the doors but I think this will be too stark against all the pale background, so will probably go with cream. Opinions always welcome !

When I first had the idea for this row of shops I had definite plans for every one but now those plans have changed and until they are finished I cannot start seeing if the new plans will work and how they can be 'dressed' for the Chat n Snap, hopefully I'll be able to do a dry run as they say next weekend! Or you all could find a barren village street where tesco's has taken over the nearest town and no one shops locally any more!!!  Not really .....I'll just go back to my original idea and hope that works....

I have had another Idea for a back drop which I will keep quiet about in case I do not get it made in time. When I say  'I' it is very much in the way of the Queen meaning someone else will be doing much, if not all of the work!!! :) What can I say I'm the idea's person who knows how to use others talents for my Sasha's benefit!!!!



  1. Have I beaten Kendal....................?

    1. Oh, how could you and I've been regularly checking in!

  2. Yesssssssssssssss!
    Well Paul is doing a brilliant job with the shops, they are looking fab! I don't suppose he is working with Victoria Beckham when she opens her first fashion store in Mayfair next year is he?

    1. You never know! He 'works' on lots of very expensive houses in London and also 'posh' shops.
      He is working well on the shops spending several hours in the last couple of days on them.It's rained all morning here , so that's kept him working on them plus he wants to get them finished so there is no last minute rush.. :)

  3. Oh gosh! Only twelve days to go! Where has the time flown?
    Everything with the shop/house fronts is looking terrific Can barely wait to see them 'in the flesh' so to speak.
    They are a truly wonderful idea and so beautifully executed! Looking forward to seeing what goods they are going to stock and sell.
    Thank you both so very much for all this excitment and anticipation.

  4. I know Kendal ! It seems to be rushing toward me at a great pace!
    The shop/houses are coming along at a good rate and hopefully will be finished by next weekend so I can try stocking them to see what works.
    Glad you are looking forward to seeing them soon :)

  5. They're looking good. I've been painting items for the garden games sets this afternoon, all will be revealed at the CnS.

    1. Sounding good ! There is going to be so much to see and purchase! just hope there is enough to go round!!! :)

  6. They're coming along beautifully Dee! Paul is brilliant to get so involved! I love how the little kitty cat is taking such an interest! I also thought that the items behind the shop fronts were actually Sasha sized....I was thinking 'wow'....only then realising that it's the perspective!!!!

    1. They are and he is :) I feel that that cat is saying " Mm and are you going to paint this bit here!"
      I cannot wait to be allowed to start to try and dress them for the 26th !