Tuesday 29 October 2013


Here are some photo's of the Sasha's, Gregor's and Babies who attended the Chat N Snap with their Mum's and Dad's.

A super hero or two turned up !


Love the girl in the tartan kilt and green cardie, knew as soon as I saw her cardigan she belonged to Catherine! and she's a Dungaree's girl, one of my favourite Sasha's.

Two came straight from school!

Verity my dungarees girl seems to be getting friendly with the young Gregor in the blue hat! Arabella at the back is keeping a watchful eye on them.

This young lady rode all the way so she could snap up a bargain.

Karin school display inspired by last years Sasha festival school boy raffle prize. I love the girl in the cricket outfit and also the tracksuit, so life like!

Thank goodness Rueben did not see these Np's standing all together on a table!

Two Batman fans hoping their idol might need to turn up and save the day!

another set of lovely sasha's here.

 Another couple of NP girls.

And another

 A pretty No navel girl

Another pair of dungaree girls.. love them

A beautiful reroot by Sarah wearing a beautiful dress by Vintage Sasha made from  a vintage christening .

A close up.

A basket full of Ronnie's Beauties and a Sasha ready for the wind and rain storm that was predicted for later on Sunday.

Sarah W's Saucer eyed Sasha , she does look quite nice.... maybe....

Two more scary eyed ... I mean saucer eyed Sasha's belonging to Sarah.....

 Proof that they are alive!! this one moved why I was taking her photo...honest...well......

I think I will leave it here ! who knows who was walking about the hall while we were all shopping!!!!
Them scary eyed girl's for a start!!!!!!



  1. Just checking in before I head off to get ready for bed!

  2. Morning!
    Lovely start to the day...an array of pretty Sasha girls and boys to enjoy!! My favourite part of any Sasha Meet...getting to see everyone's Sasha Kids...even they look happy to be there posing for photos:)

  3. ......and a very good morning to you, SS-R, on this beautifully, fine and sunny morning!

    I agree that it is wonderful to see first hand other collector's Sasha Dolls and how they are dressed.

    It's always a major decision as to which doll/s one takes with them to these super Sasha events.
    Do you take your very best doll, a rare or interesting doll, a customised doll or a waif with a little history behind it?

    (This time I chose two customised dolls, one now quite well known to the Sasha community and the other, making her debut from a Gregor to a Sasha, with a few little facts behind her history.

    1. Ooh, do tell, Kendal. Is her history publicized elsewhere for non-chat'n'snappers to read? I loe knowing the provenance of dolls, it's the nosy bit of me, which I try to restrain about neighbours and friends, but feel fully justified in indulging with the dolls.
      Great photos, Dee! Thanks,
      J x

  4. Dare I say this? The saucer eyed girls appeal to me greatly but sometimes I think they as though they've been indulging in illicit substances.....

    1. :) :) GIGGLE!! I found the comment about indulging in illicit substances funny and come to think of it those eyes of theirs do give the game away...:)

  5. LOL Jen, I'm with you on the illicit substances, and also, I too quite like the look of them! I love how Sarah has her little girls dressed to. But it is a good job we have varied tastes or there'd be such a fight for certain types...Oh, there is already!!!
    Loved all the photos Dee, thanks for sharing. And I too want to know about Kendals latest one, where/when can we read about her please Kendal?
    Hugs Sharon xx another NON chat n snapper, hoping to rectify that next year~!

    1. Will hopefully do a blog post on Sunday of the photos that my daughter very kindly took for me as I was just too tired to take any myself.
      Will add descriptions of my 'Gregor to Sasha' on there as still trying to recover from a very hectic four days.

  6. Re the 'scary eyes' - a psychological explanation https://theconversation.com/why-the-fear-of-zombies-look-at-the-eyes-19673

  7. that made me laugh dee (out loud).....I cant believe I took those dolls with me especially for you to see and I didn't get chance to even show them to you ! xxxxx

    1. :)) I only got to see them through the lens of my camera, I should have had a better look.
      I quite like the girl in red check but not sure enough to let her in the house!!! lol

  8. Oh, Dee! This brought it all back to me! Great pictures and hilarious comments - some of them! It was a joyous occasion and I am glad I got there (thanks to my long-suffering husband). What I should like - if anyone has one - is a picture of the boys washing the car. I could not get a good shot of that. There were always people milling around, for obvious reasons. Your street scene with Sashas window shopping was a treat. Brilliant idea. What a clever husband you have!!! Got some good tips from one or two knowledgeable ladies and tried out one of them. Worked a treat!!! Looking forward to the next C 'n S already! xxxxx