Sunday 6 October 2013


Today is a beautiful autumn day, bright with splashes of sunshine and a comfortable temperature. So A busy day in progress.
Only 20 days until the Sasha Chat n Snap I have organised , so things need to get done in readiness for the day.
Today I made my first ever beret! Which is for Agnetha, to go with her Autumn/Winter outfit and I just need to tweak it before I make the ones Hattie will be selling at the CnS.

The photo shoot gives you a glimpse at something that I will explain at the end :)

Agnetha is a true professional and waits ready for a photo surrounded by her dad's current project.

Such pose from one so young!

"Mum it's very untidy today!" exclaims Agnetha
" I know but Dad is very busy on a project I have asked him to do for me"

"What is he making? " asks Agnetha
" I will tell you once we have finished "

" Maybe we should try an take a few photo's somewhere else ? " questions Mum
"Good idea " confirms Agnetha

"Much better " Mum mumbles snapping away.

A nice close up.



For the chat n snap I am getting the DH to build three shop fronts that are Sasha sized.So that the Sasha's can go shopping down the street! A perfect photo op for those who like to take photo's of their Sasha's

This is the board cut ready for putting together .

You can see a little of the detail here, the pavement in place which help to keep it upright.

The narrow sides.The DH is now working on the trim for the door which will not open. I will post another set of photos as he progresses.
Now I was thinking of raffling one of these shops off at the event for Charity, do you think people would be interested? Let me know what you think please.



Calico inspects the shops progression.

Front view.

These are being made to Sasha size not scale or they would be way to big to store and move about.



  1. It's me hopefully here before SS-R!

  2. I C U Mr Mos!!!!
    Have I beaten K today???
    Love the Sasha street idea! Well done to you and Paul for designing it !!

    1. K I think we could call it a tie today...look at the time!!

    2. Oh my Golly-gosh! Perfection has been achieved! Yes definitely a draw!
      A case maybe of 'Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ!'

  3. NOW nosey me was only wondering the other day what the pencil lines marked out on the chipboard/hardboard were for when you were using it as a base for the dolls to pose on.
    NOW I know! What a superb idea and I for one will enjoy taking a photo or two of my doll outside peeping through the window admiring the goods inside AND again yes, it would be wonderful to put one in a raffle....especially if they can be slightly dismantled or taken apart to allow it be taken home in a car as such as I can't imagine the people like me who are travelling there by train (or as one is by plane) being able to take it back with us quite so easily.

    Once when I was teaching at school we made a model of a lit Victorian shop window displaying Victorian dolls and toys at Christmas time and it was a great success!

    Now back to the task in hand. Congratulations on making your first beret, this is goingbto save you a small fortune if all your girls are expecting to have one in the end.
    Agnetha, looks very smart in it and just finishes off her very smart new??? outfit. and so makes this your FOURTH 'Autumn on Trend' dressed girl in the Village.

    1. Now you know Kendal :)
      Unfortunately they will not be able to be disassembled but I would be happy to pack it up for the winner and they can arrange a courier to collect it , if they cannot get it in their car.Couriers are usually not to expensive.
      It was very fiddly doing the brim but now I have made one , I'll be off and running!Yes that does make no four with Agnetha dressed for Autumn.

  4. Looove it!
    You're a really talented team!

  5. Hello Mr. Mossy! Agnetha, you're looking gorgeous and tres chic today. With every mention of the Chat n Snap I get a bit greener lol. The store front is a fabulous idea. I'm already looking forward to seeing the photos people taking with it.

    1. Thanks Julie, I love Agnetha dress which is by Maureen in the US. The shops should look good for photographing the Sasha's and Gregors, I'll make sure plenty of photo's appear on blog :)

  6. Doll Mums daughter: I see you MR Mossy TWICE!! ;-)

  7. There you are Mr M.
    Loving the berets and never cease to be impressed with DH's talents, even the window ledges are just right. Looking forward to seeing them when they've got all the goodies in them.

    1. Thanks Rosie.Yes The DH does have his uses..Lol No is an absolute darling for spending time making these for me and I too cannot wait until they are completely finished and lined up and 'dressed'!

  8. Superb progress is being made! Well done you two, excellent team work.

    1. Thank you Kendal, It is good team work , I tell him what I want and he goes and does it! while I faff about!! :)

  9. That shop front is excellent and will make a super prop for your 'do' in three weeks time! I am envious of all of you who are going! But back to Paul, he's sooo helpful when it comes to doing dolly things for you, my husband used to be very helpful with my dollshouse but he has never taken much interest in my dolls, only to tell me that they all look constipated!
    Love your beret, it looks perfect on Agnetha and goes really nicely with her new dress. I look forward to seeing more in Hatties shop.

  10. He is a great asset , I am sure he did not quite realise how much I would be wanting him to make for the Sasha but he should know after all these years how many Idea's I can come up with!!! lol
    I am pleased with the beret and am about to make more in other colours for my girls and Hattie's shop ! :)