Friday 25 October 2013




  1. Good morning to SS-R .....and everyone attending the Chat n' Snap tomorrow.

    I shall be starting out on the long jorney to there in just a few hours staying at my daughter's tonight and then continuing the rest of the way tomorrow (though unfortunately this involves back-tracking.)

    Was up in the night with excitment and had to treat myself to a little easy reading and a bowl of cereal before I could try to settle down again.

    Many thanks to Dee and her husband for organising this event and good luck with the final preparations early tomorrow morning. (I'm sure that we'll all help with these if not fully completed when we get there.)

    Wishing all those being able to go a safe journey and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  2. Delightful little Sasha knitteds displayed above. Someone's been very busy indeed.

  3. The excitement is palpable even from thousands of miles away! I wish you all a wonderful time! oh how I wish I lived much much closer..... Enjoy the day, the company and of course the dolls themselves:)

  4. A million, trillion thanks to Denise & Paul for arranging another hugely successful C'n'S, everyone had a marvellous time catching up with old friends' news & making new friends from around the Globe! What an incredible variety of dolls in attendance and likewise their amazing collection of clothes and accessories.
    Already looking forward to next October's "double WOW factor".... (triple WOW if Simply Sasha turns up!)

    Time flies by so quickly when we're having so much fun, and I only wished I could have the extra "winter time" hour tagged on to yesterday instead of today!