Monday 11 August 2014


Many thanks for your kind comments on yesterdays post. Please stop being concerned I am back up !
I am not a down person, so when something like this happens, I stew about it for a while, get it clear in my mind , then deal with it and move on.
It's finished I know who I am and what my values are and the rules I live by and people who know me and are friends are all that matter in the grand scheme of things.

There are people out there with far worse things in life to deal with and they just soldier on because they have no other choice and they do it without complaining and whingeing, so enough of this misery! life is far to short to be feeling sorry for oneself and another day is here and the sun is shining! even if there is a very cold snap to the breeze!

I am away to the post office to collect a parcel which contains a couple of visitors to the Village of which you will hear more later.
Enjoy your day for I will be enjoying mine.

Love Dee xxxx



  1. Thank God you're okay today...I find it very taxing saying nice things to you :)
    How's my (ex) lad Lucas getting on...still being naughty I hope!!
    With love
    Ice Cream xxx

  2. Lucas is totally reformed. All Mrs. Mum had to do was dangle a pair of beautiful sandals in front of him......I think.........or is the little monkey fooling us all...... I haven't seen much evidence of Storm recently. Has anybody checked that she hasn't been burried behind the twins' shed y....? Anyone seen Lucas carrying a shovel around....
    Glad you are feeling chirpy again, Dee!

    1. No, Jen!!
      Lucas is bad to the bone.....even a new pair of sandals can't tame him!!

  3. That's the spirit! Chin up, best foot forward and hopefully another exciting blog post well underway to include those red headed toddler twins!

    How I loved this Toby/Zac old windmill blog post. Probably my favourite of all!

    (Was thrilled to see that SimplySasha is still around. How I miss her blogspot with its fab. post titles and witty comments!)

    1. Hello K!!
      I beat you to the first comment!!! How I used to enjoy that :)
      Promise to stay in soon as the VW show scene is over and the winter draws closer!!

  4. Hi Dee, lovely to hear that you're back to your old (or NOT SO OLD) self today, I was worried about you but glad you kept your pecker up......our American cousins will be horrified by that expression seeing as it has a whole new meaning across the pond!
    Lovely to see some commenting from SSR! How are you old plum??? Well I hope! I too have missed you!
    Well I must go and get my supper....I'll email later Dee!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Hi Ya S!! How are you and those wonderful chihuahuas of yours?