Monday 11 August 2014


"Yes!" says a stunned voice " It's for LUCAS!"

Toby cannot quite believe what he is reading and knowing that he's not that good at reading, he's re read it several times but it still appears to say Lucas!!
" Who would send Lucas a parcel this big? " asks Zak
Toby thinks for a moment then his eyes round as he whispers " The Ice Queen? "
Zak's ears start to buzz and he feel's a little dizzy ! " Ice.. Q Q Q "

"What that!" demands a little voice
They look up to see Lucas has arrived and is standing watching them.
"Well!" his little voice demands an answer
Toby is never quite sure how to deal with Lucas due to who he lived with before he arrived in the village so he says  in a friendly voice " It's a parcel for you Lucas ! Isn't that nice !"
Before he can finish his sentence.....

Lucas is laying on the parcel arms out stretched ! " Mine! Go way!" he orders

Still trying to be helpful and also very curious about what's in the box, Toby takes Lucas's hand and says gently.

"Zak and me can help you open the box Lucas, it's very big and probably heavy ! " cajoles Toby " Get up and we'll help you, there's a good little boy!"

"OUCH!" cries Toby as Lucas pulls a handful of his hair " Let Go you Little Monster!! Let go ! Zak Bash him! Ouch!"
" I cannot bash him he's a baby!" say Zak scandalised that Toby would demand such a thing!
"Go AWAY!" yells Lucas letting go of Toby's hair, Toby quickly moves back out of range.

" Come on Zak ! " says Toby angrily "Let's leave the monster !" Zak quickly turns to follow Toby , he does not fancy having his hair pulled!
" I hope it is from the Ice Queen" calls Toby as they walk away " and I hope it bites you on the BUM!"
"TOBY!" says Zak
"Well I do!" says the disappearing Toby!

Just for a minute Lucas closes his eyes.. What if it is from her? does she know where he is? could she get him? he gives a little shiver before looking back at the box and tapping " Lo ! Lo! " he calls softly " That You Connor? "
At first there is no answer then a tiny distant voice comes through the cardboard " Lucas! hat YOU! I's hot lukie save me...I could be dining... "
" Dining? " asks Lucas confused
" Yes dining like when them put you in ground and cover you over!" the box moves slightly as if a shiver's passed through something inside.
" You no DYING! " Lucas calls back " you dolt! I go get big scissors get you out!"
The box gives a big sigh ...

"Move out the way ! " calls Lucas starting to attack the box with the scissors !
" I no can move! " Connor calls back "Just don't hurt me my Mam would be very upset if I get cut in nalf ! "

It takes ages but finally the box is open and a pair of boots appear out of a bag!
Lucas sits watching, catching his breath from all the hard work.

Lucas giggles watching Connor's legs waving all over as he struggles to remove himself " Come on Connor not got all day!" giggles Lucas

Finally most of Connor's out of the bag , Lucas stops giggling. " Come on Connor ! " he says getting bored

 At last Connor's out blinking in the bright sunshine "That you Lukie ? "
"Lucas sighs " YES! who do you think it is? Big Bird?"
" Me like big bird " says Connor happily
" Well he not here! " states Lucas

Finally able to see, Connor smile's at Lucas
Lucas gives a tiny smile back , then turns and climbs off the box !

" Come on, slow pants! " he calls " That nosy Toby will be back soon , come on get off "

Connor drags himself to the edge of the box and then lays down!
"What now!" demands Lucas
" Me so tired Lukie " yawns Connor
"You just been in a box for days !" says Lucas in disbelief  " Come on , them coming to get you! "
" Who? " asks Connor sleepily
" Them bogey man ! Toby and Zak!"
Finally That makes Connor get a move on

Lucas hurries Connor away " Why you wearing that tea cosy on your head? " asks Lucas pushing Connor forward
" Not Tea Cosy!" says Connor " Be be Hat!"
" Be be doodle hat ! confirms Connor
" Oh " says Lucas " A Beanie hat! Come on Connor I can hear them Bogey boys coming! Quick!"


Time to refresh that cuppa or take a comfort break........

Happy? Now we'll continue......

Toby and Zak stare at the open box and the bag inside, there is no sign of Lucas .
Zak looks worried " What if the ice Q Q Q "
" Queen? " finishes Toby
" Yes her! What if she sent the box and something did bite poor Lucas on the bottom!"
Toby looks at Zak in disbelief " Nothing's bit his bum, it's too nasty!" he says " I bet he's taken whatever it is away and hidden it! I bet it was a big bar of chocolate! and he does not want to share it! You know mum always makes us share!" says Toby in disgust!

Suddenly the bag starts moving and the box shaking and a pair of feet appear!
" Q Q Q" stutters Zak
" Too small " says Toby, Zak nearly falls down in relief but manages to cling onto the box

The feet vanish and a head appears quickly followed by the body and soon a Sasha is sitting blinking back at them.
" Hello " she says softly " Where am I? "
" The Sasha Village " replies Zak smiling, for some reason Toby seems stunned!
"Thank goodness " The girl replies " Dada forgot to send us and then we was stuck at the post office because no one was here when we arrived "
We? wonders Zak maybe she means her and the box?
" Your voice is nice " says Zak going pink
The girl laughs " I came from Wales, it's my accent you can hear isn't it!"
"Isn't it? "

"It's lovely here, isn't it!" says the Sasha feeling the sun on her face.
" What's your name? " asks Zak
" I do not have one! My Mam said that your Mam would give me one, for when I go home "
" But you must have a name ? even if it's one you don't like!" says an amazed Zak
" Zak Zak !" says Toby in a whisper.

Zak looks over at Toby who appears to have recovered from whatever was wrong with him when the girl appeared.
" I know who she is!" he whispers so the girl cannot hear him " She in cog incog need oh! "
" In cog what?" asks a baffled Zak
" Keep your voice down!" whispers Toby " you know incog.. um  hiding from something or some one and she does not want us to know who she is !"
" You say you know who she is " whispers Zak

Toby leans in close to Zak and says " It's that Olympic cyclist with the bald head! You know whats her name!"
" You said you knew her name !"
" I do It's Joanna Rowsell That's it ! She's Joanna Rowsell!"

Zak looks at Toby in shock! " Really ! Honestly !"
"Oh yes!" whispers a gleeful Toby " We have an Olympic gold medal cyclist hiding in our village !"
The boys grin at each other !
Until they are brought back to earth by a voice asking " Shall I go inside and meet Mrs Mam? "

" Oh so sorry " say Toby " I do apologise for my tardiness "
Zak cannot quite believe the posh voice that's suddenly coming from Toby
" Please forgive me "
" No Problem " says the girl smiling

"Well it's nice talking to you boyo's, but I must find Mrs Mam and introduce myself there are lots of things to do while I visit.

Suddenly Toby's at her side " Please allow me to es court you to Mrs Mam I mean Mum " He takes her hand throwing a quick silly grin over to Zak!

" Can I just say that is an Honour to have you in our village Jo! I mean what ever your name is ! " says Toby winking at her
" Can I just ask and I hope you don't mind a small question? "
The Sasha nods " Ask away, I just hope I can answer it!" she laughs softly

"Thank you " sighs Toby " When you are riding round the melodrama how does your bike not fall off? "
The Sasha looks at him in confusion , Zak looks at the sky in disbelief at Toby's question ! It's a Velodrome
Toby continues to smile at the Sasha awaiting an answer , the Sasha is wondering why her Mam never told her that there was an idiot/ simple boy in the village, thinking quickly she leans in and whispers " I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you!"
"WICKED!" crows Toby............................................



  1. LOL Beautifully back on form today Dee, you must have needed a rest from dolly blogging yesterday because once again your stories are captivating to us Sasha lovers. I laughed at the capers that are happening here....I love how you seem to have more than one story happening even in just the one post! I was a bit sad as due to slow internet connection down here at the moment, I am getting broken links so not all the photos are showing, but I will have to try again when the airwaves are a little less busy perhaps.
    I look forward to reading what these two are going to get up to on their visit to The Sasha Village. Is little Miss Baldy No Name, going to leave with hair perhaps?
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Oh NOOOOO - the terrible twosome. There may be trouble ahead du det de dut dut....

  3. Just LOVE those two BIG boys of yours, Toby and Zak. The interaction between them is fascinating to say the least.

    Looks like there's going 'to be trouble ahead' now that those toddler twins have been united for the Summer holidays.

    Great photo of Lucas with those huge scissors!

    I too am hoping that Miss No-name is here for a little re-rooting experience....and possibly a Christening so that she can return home with a name?

  4. Yessssssssss!! I hope Lucas and Connor are really, really naughty during Connor's stay :)
    Looking forward to seeing Jen's girl transformed as well!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing more of Lucas and Conner! Trouble is a brewing!!! ;). Really looking forward to see this lovely girl's rerooting journey. The Village is alive with activities!!! :) xxx