Saturday, 23 August 2014


 I was out at work this morning!! (Yes I had to work on this bank holiday weekend !) and a box arrived for me , a lovely doll sized box!

It had arrived very fast from Switzerland and I knew what was inside! Well I thought I did !

I can hear you all now, A Sasha !  Well of COURSE!!

 And here she is ! My very first Course doll. I had wanted one of these for a while and nearly bought  one at the beginning of the year from Shelly's then had to pull out due to unexpected expenses. So I had been watching out for another one. I saw this young lady a month or so back for sale on ebay but I was already buying another Sasha so had to watch her go by.

Then I was given the opportunity to contact the seller and I asked if the course girl had sold ? And as you can all see the answer was NO!! So I asked to buy her and here she is!

She is wearing a real hair wig and it's RED! My favourite colour in Sasha's and all connected to Sasha's and the beautiful smocked and embroidered dress by Thu Cuc Faes. here is a back view.

These dolls are very top heavy and so are hard to stand but I managed to prop her against this piece of trellis on the covered bench to take the photo.

I decided to remove her hair from the plait and it's lovely and long.

She is such a delight, feels lovely to hold. I have to say that she is one of those dolls, for me anyway, that since she's come and I have handled her I feel very happy that she is mine, if you know what I mean.
Obviously we are happy when we receive a new Sasha etc but this girl is one of the one's that's made me smile and lifted my mood.
Kendal told me these girl were lovely to handle and they are.

Another back view, this time with her hair down, what's not to love about this girl!

When I removed her from her box and was showing her to Paul and my daughter Lindsey I said now she needs a name. Lindsey suggested Beatrice, Bea for short and I thought it was just perfect for her,
So this is Beatrice my first Course girl.

Now in the box was something else I was expecting to arrive at the same time and something that was a complete and delightful surprise!!

YES! Another two red heads only one of which I was expecting ! The red no navel , who needs a partial re root and a repair to the inside of one of her arm holes in the body ( Paul's department ) but I was not expecting the slate eyed head that also arrived!

This lovely waif's hair is missing quite a few plugs and she has a mark on one side of her face on her cheek, it's not showing up in this photo for some reason , her hair is the pinky red , she also has a rub to the end of her nose.So this lovely waif , whose body less! was a complete surprise and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with her once all my other projects are completed!

Well I am sitting here smiling and so happy with these fabulous Sasha's ! I must thank the lovely Lady in Switzerland who sent them all to me and especially for this extra head , it now appears I no longer need another red haired slate eyed Sasha, I just need to build my own!!



  1. What a wonderful parcel! Congratulations on beng a course Mum. Is she cuddly? I always wondered.
    As for the other two, well, they are both beauties and will allow you (and Paul) to further your Sasha hospital skills. Who'd have thought that, so early in your career as a Sasha surgeon, you'd need to grow a body and four limbs for one of your charges??
    I love the shade of the little slate-eyed girl's hair. She will be a beauty. The other grl is equally as gorgeous but, given the severity of her special needs, I shall be following the progress of Miss Slate-Eyes with the most enthusiasm. I love a challenge - especially when the challenge is not mine!
    So pleased thatyour parcel arrived in time for the Bank Holiday. Have fun with all your assorted projects!

    1. Thanks Jenni. Yes she is cuddly :) when you hold them it is more like holding a doll, if you know what I mean ! Because they are bigger and softer in the body.
      I was delighted with the no navel girl and completely surprised to get the gotz slated eyed girls head! Her face is lovely, she does have a mark on her cheek but she is still a beauty.

      I will be on the look out for a cheap gotz series body when I have some pennies!!
      Dee xx

  2. Just how lucky are you then! Your first Course Doll is beautiful and looks to be so minty too. Obviously another new side-line started at the Sasha Village.

    Your newly aquired re-rooting skill has certainly taken off with a BANG! I'm so pleased that you have got your second red haired slate eyed lass to complete your numbers of these girls. Looking forward to seeing the finished dolls.

    Thinking that you will certainly be needing your September's holiday to rest your hands and fingers not to mention shoulders!

    1. Very! Kendal Very! She is such a lovely example and wearing a beautiful dress.
      I will be re rooting Sasha's into the winter at this rate but I will take my time with them, well I say that but I am also one of those people who wants to see the end result, so I may be very busy over the next free months in the evening's !!
      I was thinking of taking a head with me to work on while I'm away??? :)

      Dee xx

  3. what an excellent reward for working on a Saturday morning. How did that second head creep into the box - how lucky. Have fun rerooting and finding a body for the extra head and cuddling your course doll.

    1. It was indeed a lovely reward to come home to! The lady who sent the extra head said she was disappointed with it's hair and knowing how much I am enjoying the re rooting, she thought I would like it!!!! :) Lucky me!
      The course doll Beatrice is very cuddly :)
      Dee xx

  4. How wonderful your course girl has arrived and she has the sweetest facial expression. Her red hair is gorgeous and Thu Cuc makes fabulous clothes for the Sasha studio and course dolls. Her outfit is perfect for you Dee since I know how you love the smocked dresses on your Sashas! Congrats on this great Switzerland find!!!

    Also looking forward to your transformations on the red headed Gotz girls. A lot to do but it will be so nice to see how they turn out. Great day at the Village! :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I must agree with everything you say above :)
      There is now a lot to do but as we go into the autumn/ winter I will have time to work on these lovely girl's.just hope my hands don't give up!! :) xxx

  5. Oh wow Dee!!!!! How lovely is that parcel!! Your new girl, Beatrice is gorgeous, so sweet looking with her chubby cheeks and her sweet little smile. Her hair is beautiful too, and dressed so nicely! Congrats on her safe arrival!
    And what an added bonus to get the extra head, what a lovely Sasha person! I really look forward to seeing what you come up with for her. Now you need one of those 3D printers so that you can print her off a nice new body! :) Now wouldn't that be fun to do!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. LOVELY!! lol It was such fun to open, I knew the course doll was in there and she cam out first, then I found the slate eyed head and was confused! Then the No navel head, so more confused!!
      She is a very lovely Sasha person and very generous to pass the head on to me. :)
      I did wonder about getting Paul to carve me a wooden body!! But then I realised I already have more than enough jobs for him to do!! lol
      Hugs Dee xx

  6. What a delight Dee! Beatrice looks like she's been a loving companion to all those little girls from the past - a real joy to have - congratulations.

    1. Thank you Ronnie. :) I am going to ask people coming to the Chat n Snap to bring their course dolls if they have any, so that those that don't can see what lovely dolls these girls and boys are and of course have a chance to have a cuddle!! :)
      Dee xxx