Tuesday 5 August 2014


I thought I would tell you about a couple of things I have in mind that will be coming up on the blog soon.

The first one I have been planning since last year! and cannot believe that what it's based on is about to start again this year!!

So I thought I'd best get a move on and at least let you know it's on it's way!!

Here's a clue !

Well have you worked it out yet? I am sure you have so I'll continue..

Yes you guessed correctly! The Great Village Bake off will be starting soon. There will be either 6 or 8 contestants who will do battle to be names The Best Village Baker ! Once it starts, it will be posted on a Saturday afternoon/ evening with you being able to leave your comments about the bake which may or may not influence who gets booted off!!on the Sunday !

I have been collecting things on and off  for months, since last year in fact and even had some real food the perfect size but of course when nothing happening blog wise , that got eaten!! So will need to get in more supplies ready for the off.


Two new bears have set up office in the Village.

Introducing Cecil HUNTLEY and Sybil PALMER , Bear Detectives, motto no packet to small !
Could you two sit closer for the photo's please!
They bearly get on, each thinking they have the better detective skills !But no one else will work with them so they are stuck with each other.!

That's better the followers can see you both now.

Their first case is The Case of the Missing Biscuit ! But all is not what it seems!!.

I must thank Jenni Lowcock for giving me the idea of two Gregors or bears called Huntley and Palmer after the famous biscuits, it fired up my imagination and this is the result.

Of course there are also the never ending stories that weave their way in and out of the blog from time to time! The boys and the Hot air balloon is in the making stage, Reuben's at the moment gone quiet about Np's but can it last? Hattie is busy but will no doubt make her presence known now and then, Lucas.....well..only time will tell.and no doubt there are other story lines I have forgotten but may come to light!!

That's the problem with having to work to pay for all these props and Sasha's and bears , it means blogging all the idea's that come to me , take a lot longer than planned.

I do not mind if you give me a reminder now and then about a storyline that's still running but all but disappeared!!
Like the babies names, I am going to have to start writing it all down, so I  know what's going on , never mind you!!

So I hope you will come along on the next two journey's mentioned above and help me keep track !!



  1. Just spotted this on my way to bed so will hopefully comment sometime later tomorrow as am out for the day shopping at The Trafford Centre in Manchester and am too tired tonight.
    All looks very exciting!

  2. Yay, I'm looking forward to all these excitements on your blog. Writing down your ideas is a VERY GOOD IDEA and we'll give you the encouragement to bring them to fruition. I've got ideas cooking but very little time so chat n snap stall will definitely be one of a kinds items rather than lots of similar items. Need to sort photos of Laura's latest adventures and find time to blog them (she seems to be the girl who gets about this year).

  3. Looking forward to seeing more about the great bake off and the case of the missing biscuit! Way to go Dee! :) xxx

  4. What super 'bakery' items seen here, obviously from the results of your long internet searchings....but well worth the time as they are just the perfect sizes for the Sasha dolls.
    Now can't wait to see who the contestants are going to be. Guessing Hattie, Toby, Zac and Ginny for starters?
    Have they got their aprons at the ready?
    (Rather hoping that we get to taste and sample the food before making the judgement.)

    I was only wondering the other day IF you had treated yourself to any more of the little bears? Well here's my answer. I am into MYSTERIES in a big way so am hopefully well geared up for this one.

    Thanks Denise for giving me so much pleasure with your blogspot posts.

  5. Great collection of cakes and biscuits - as Kendal says, how will we taste them?
    Love the new bears names. Most of all I'm always delighted by how expressive their little faces are!
    Looking forward to the continuing entertainment. :)

  6. Oooh now this all does look very exciting! I love all the new 'props' on the table, and even the table itself, they're great! Where on earth do you find all these super things! I really like the look of the two new Detective Bears, they look a very interesting pair and I'm sure we'll have some great stories told to us of their adventures! It's all going to be great fun I'm sure...and I really look forward to reading it all!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

  7. Hi Dee
    Love the upcoming story lines. I looked at the baking table at the AG store in Chicago last Nov when I was there and didn't buy it. They say that you only regret what you didn't buy & I do regret not getting that set!! It so appeals to my sweet tooth. I love mysteries so shall look forward to your bears adventures. Thanks for posting clues about the village activities. Lots to look forward to...Carol