Sunday 31 August 2014


I have spent all week avoiding taking Ashlyn's head off her body! Well when I say I , I say that in the royal sense as in I mean Paul, I have not got Paul to remove Ashlyn's head, so now a week's gone by and the poor girl's just been sitting about waiting!

I have also been going to send a couple of Sasha's off to Shelly, but out of the three I was going to send Two I just cannot part with!So no one's gone anywhere!

I'm also supposed to be whittling down all their clothes that are never used, have not done that either!

I have a baby's head that's been waiting to be re rooted for at least two weeks and it's still waiting to be started!
The diet was supposed to be re started last week and is now planned for tomorrow! Well it is the first, and a Monday so a good time to restart, I have been telling myself this all last week!Which as just reminded me that I will need a brunette for tomorrow's post and have I sorted that!

The story lines are still not started but I did buy a couple of little silicone cases today! and I'm off to Yorkshire for a week soon! So it will all come to a grinding halt anyway!!

So all in all getting nowhere fast!!

So tomorrow being 1st of September I will be turning over a new leaf and getting my act together. Well at least on the re rooting front, Paul's been asked to ensure Ashlyn loses her head this very night!! and I will post a photo of her around Wednesday so you can see I have started.

One Sasha will be off to Shelly's before the end of the week along with a few clothes.

The story lines will have to wait until I'm back off my holiday but the healthy food is in the fridge etc , so the diet's back in progress tomorrow.

I did however take a couple of photo's of Sansa today which I will share below. I also need to decide which Sasha and Gregor I will take away with me? They have to be ones that stand up without a fight! and also ones that have not been taken before!

Sansa's holding a lantern that's been rusted by the elements.

I was taking these photo's from inside the Gazebo, so the light is behind her but I like the difference of her more shadowed.

I turned her towards the sun, you can just make out Paul's hand behind her with his gardening magazine and
mug on the table!

I tried going outside for an artistic shot but the sun was too bright and the plants throwing shadows across her face, so gave that Idea up!

So back inside for a couple of close up's.

another close up.

another lantern pose.

A long shot from inside showing where Sansa is standing .

Standing in the sunshine! I had now decided to remove her hairband!


 a little closer.


She's holding her hair band now, so we do not forget to take it indoors!

"What's that Sansa ? "   "You'd like to go to Yorkshire ! and you can stand up really well!"
"Well that is true , I will think about it , I have to be fair and consider some of the others "

Hope there were not too many photo's but Sansa is very photogenic, well to me! lol

Now I'm off to sort out what I'm going to do about tomorrow's 1st of the month post!!!! Better late than never!!!



  1. Ha! You think you procrastinate? I've been going to do some ironing 'in a minute' for the last two days.....but as we are stuffing everything back into suitcases ready to move home next weekend, it seems a little pointless.
    Don't tell me Paul is feeling the emotional pressure of being Lord High Executioner? I'm sure Ashlyn is quite happy to wait until after your hols.
    Sansa is a dear little soul - very photogenic.
    Jenni xx

    1. It's not worth ironing things that are having to go back in the case! even I know that!! lol
      I'm sure if I actually handed Ashlyn over to Paul he would do the dirty deed! But I keep leaving her sitting with the others chatting and now you've said why not wait till we return.......I think I will!! lol It will save her being in twane while I'm away, so that's one things sorted!!
      Thanks Jenni :)
      Dee xx

  2. Oh dear, you are in a two and eight really, what with all the things you want to do but as yet haven't started.
    Is it a good idea to start the diet before the holiday though? Could you not just start when you get back, because you might make yourself miserable starting tomorrow and then if you fall off the wagon whilst away, well you'll get cross with yourself maybe? Maybe don't be too hard on yourself and just go easy with the food, but don't say that you're dieting?
    I love Sansa, she's a very pretty girl....her eyes are almost a pinky brown, aren't they? She looks good in her elephants dress, very sweet on her. I think my very favourite photo is actually the first one, with the lantern, she looks lovely and there's just the right amount of contrast of light and shadow. She's a little cutie!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Sharon! I must start now or it will be October! and then the wedding will be upon me!! I can assure you I will not miss out on holiday but just be eat healthily and being out and about all day hopefully I'll lose a few or at least not gain any!!
      Sansa is a darling and I am so glad she's in the village, I may take her with me, just need to decide who else is coming!! Dollwise that is!
      Hugs Dee xx

  3. Don't despair! MY life is just as chaotic and disorganised, so much to be sorted and done but in fact because there's SO much in the end nothing gets done.

    Go off and enjoy your holiday when the time comes as I'm sure that Ashlyn won't mind waiting for her new re-root until you get back rested and refreshed.

    The two dolls due to be sent down to Shelly can be sent on your return when you have had the time to have given more thought as to who you can bare to part with. Pressure has sometimes made me part with dolls that I now wish that I hadn't let go.

    Just grab the two nearest Sasha/Gregor Dolls that are suitably dressed and strung to allow them to stand unaided for your holiday blog photographs.

    Diets and weight aren't that important (as long as they aren't life threatening) and you're healthy and happy to enjoy your daughter's wedding with your usual fun and confidence.

    Taking photos isn't easy when the sun's out in full force but it looks as though you and Sansa have enjoyed yourselves trying out different poses and positions, which is basically what Sasha photographs are all about. My favourite today, along with Sharon, is the first one with the last one in second place!

    1. I do not despair just cannot believe how long it now seems to take me to get going on things!! I agree about there being so much to do that nothing much gets done!

      I am so looking forward to having my two weeks off work, one away and one at home, I have been feeling very tired lately and some of that is down I am sure to not eating the right food and working, so I plan to get it sorted in the next few weeks , so the energy level's rise and things start to get done!
      Well that's the plan! lol
      I do enjoy taking photo's of the Sasha's especially when they cooperate! like Sansa did today!
      Dee xx

  4. Dear Dee, I love your sweet Sansa. She is a beauty and her elephant dress is wonderful :). I hope your " to do" things are getting sorted out. I wiuld not part with anyone until you are certain. Maybe a little time and space will best answer your questions. Have a beautiful week :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger :) Sansa is a lovely girl and I do love Elephants, so the dress is perfect.
      I'm sure my list will start to get smaller once I get back from My trip and I am sure those Sasha's will be staying for a while yet :) xx