Friday 22 August 2014


I thought you may like to see a photo of some of the dolls waiting around for me to do the next blog post or storyline!

This corner seems to be full of pink! not planned just how the Sasha's had been put back once used or dressed !
Toby and Zak are squeezed in , waiting for their next appearance with the visitor from Wales!

I need to have a rearrange of the Sasha's they all seem to be cramped into spaces and not free to show off their clothing or pretty or handsome faces to any visitors.

Paul made me the shelving unit which I was to share with the books etc but also have a few spaces to display the Sasha's etc nicely but at the moment they are fighting for the light, trampling on each others toes and pushing and generally fed up with being squeezed!

Here is a photo showing how cramped they have gotten ! One of the problems is the space where Hattie is standing on the far right with Albie and a Pram gets the early morning sun when the blind is opened which is why Hattie is standing turned into the side to avoid the sun hitting her, so I may have to rearrange the level and placement of that shelf in order to hopefully be able to use it again.

So that's another job to add to the list for this weekend ! There is only one problem once I rearrange them and take some out ,where do they go??

Well I'm off to count the votes for which hair colour the lovely Ashlyn will be having in her make over.



  1. Dmd has been counting through all the votes listed on the previous post and thinks it is 6 for blonde, 7 for red and 4 for brunette, but she says she might be wrong.

  2. I think that the best idea is just to remove all isn't a Sasha Doll or Sasha related accessory and have it as a Sasha open display cabinet..Far more interestin for the likes of me and any Sasha Collector to look at!

    Looking forward to reading the special Bank Holiday blogspot story.

    1. Not sure just where the 'that' before the 'isn't' and 'g' off the 'interesting' went to.
      Bet it's that Toby up to his tricks again!

    2. This sounds lovely Kendal apart from the part where Paul down's tools in protest on account of I was only supposed to have a couple of shelves to start with and have managed to acquire a few more!!! :)
      I cannot afford for him to go on strike with the Chat n Snap centre piece still to make !!!
      Dee xx

  3. Could you perhaps take the books to the secondhand shop and then join the library instead? LOL, only joking! But could you put the books where the sun shines onto the shelves and then spread the Sashas into the other shelves, there is a bit of space on the shelf above Hattie, so you could perhaps move the stuff from the middle shelf next to Hattie, into the shelf above her...that leaves one free shelf! You DO NOT need those gardening or DIY books.....your garden is beautiful and you obviously could write the books yourself on that subject, as for the DIY, well who needs to know about DIY when you have DIP, (Do it Paul!).....that's another space!!!! Or maybe you could buy a coffee table and make them into coffee table books....freeing up more space for dolls and dolly related stuff. Yes, I think I've sorted that one out for you!!!!!
    My shelf re-arranging fees are really very reasonable, I'll send you my bill!
    BIg hugs, Sharon xxx

    1. SHARON!!!! Take the book to the second hand shop!! such words!! We took loads of books to the second hand shop when we moved and these are the ones we want to keep, plus a few that have been added since! I'll have you know there are a few...well quite a few of craft books for when I retire and have time to make all the gorgeous things in them!! and failing that we made need them to warm the home while waiting for the fuel allowance...or have they stopped that yet?
      Besides we like to look at the pretty pictures!!! lol :)
      I cannot use the lower shelves for the dogs will be sticking their noses all over everything and stealing any teddies or soft toys and Hamish will chew them till their DEAD!!

      I have already decides to move the shelf above Hattie lower and move them up one and I may do the same with the doll shelf and one above in the middle, moving the books from the top to the bottom ! only thing is being small, I like to see the dolls and they maybe too high that way round but I will have a change about and put the photo's on for everyone's helpful comments!!
      Please do send the bill, I do love a good laugh!!! :)
      Hugs Dee xx

    2. If we took 10 books to the second hand shop, Bruce would find 50 others to bring back home from there. I tend to take his arm and rush him past any shop/market stall/car boot sale where books might be found. I love books too and have, well.... even more books than dolls, but he is a true addict and his collection is in the thousands. Our arrangement is that he won't complain about dolls and bears if I don't mention the fact that he won't ever re-read all those books. (yes, he has read all of them at least once)

      About the craft books, though, Dee - you ARE kdding? Retirement is the time when life takes over and you don't have time for anything. When you work, people accept that you might be tired and need me (Sasha) time on your day off . When you are retired, people bring things for you to do because they know 'you have 'a lot of time on your hands now.' That is why it is called RE-TIRED - you get tired over and over with all there is to do.

      I suggest you move to a larger house, Dee. A bedroom for you and Paul, a suite of living rooms, a library , a Sasha room or two, a box room for the bears, a conservatory for indoor gardening days, a workshop each for you and Paul, servants' quarters for those people who are going to free up your time for crafting and an outdoor kennel for those bear-eating dogs. [Our dog knows hs place, he only eats the postman's legs.]
      I believe Downton Abbey might suit your needs?

    3. I'm with Bruce What's not to love about books!! Before I got into Sasha's My wish was for a library in the house!! now I would like a Sasha room with a library attached!!

      And what's this about I would get to do all my lovely crafts because people will think I am just sitting about waiting for them to ask me to do their jobs!! I would be veRy Tired if that' what's going to happen!! But I am good at that word that some people seem to struggle know the one.....NO!!

      I moved from a larger house for fear the girls would all decide they missed Dad and wanted to come home!! I down sized from FIVE bedrooms and a half cellar and a double garage!! But this was before the Sasha bug took hold or I would still be there with a beautiful L shaped loft room for my Sasha's and all their possessions!and a library!!

      mmm Downton Abbey that's an idea ! Only problem I would have to sell the Sasha's to pay the wage bill !!

      I wonder if Paul fancies digging out a basement? Paul! Paul ! I need to ask you something....... :)

  4. Dee, I have to say that I am with Kendal and Sharon about your lovely shelves, created so wonderfully by Paul. These shelves are perfect for Sashas only and I was thinking of putting the books in boxes to store away in an attic, a basement, under a bed... That excludes Sasha books of course because they must be on hand when your inquiring mind needs a good reference.

    Sounds pretty easy, right? Maybe make the transition slowly and not abruptly so you will not draw unnecessary attention and begin after the Chat n Snap! Fabulous Sasha shelves with room for all are in your future!!! :) xxx

    1. GINGER ! Not you too!! lol ! These shelves are lovely for the Sasha's I confess but I would like them dotted about more rather than all in one place! So what I could really do with is more of these units about the room!! :)
      I'm glad you at least allowed the Sasha books to stay! They are always handy when needing to check something or just to go and admire the photo's of people Sasha's!
      I like the slow and maybe he won't notice advice but I'm afraid he is much quicker at spotting things than me!! :)

  5. There you go Dee, see Ginger agrees with me!
    Actually, it might be a good idea to keep them near at hand though, because this very week, the bottom shelf of a cupboard here, collapsed. It is above the small freezer we have here at the coast, so what we did (and honestly, we are sooooo BRILLIANT!!!!).....we piled the books up in three smile piles on top of the freezer, and now it supports the bottom shelf of the cupboard!

    1. LOL ! I need to check all these homes of people who are telling me to throw out my books to see where their Sasha's are living??? Mmm !
      Let hope you don't forget and pull out a book you need and get buried under what's on that shelf!!! :) xxxx