Monday, 25 August 2014


Well it's Bank Holiday Monday, so of course it's raining!! It's been raining all day so far and looks like it's set to continue into the night!!

So I decided to change the shelves about , so that they are not so full and untidy! So first I had to remove all the Sasha's, Gregor's and Babies , also the bears and the pram's , then all the other things that had been just left and finally some of the books.

So after a discussion about what shelf to put at what height to get the most space for the Sasha's, finally after a clean and a reposition this is what I landed up with.

In order to keep the Sasha's out of the sun I have moved all the books down from the top to the middle.

There are now two higher shelves on this side enabling me to put Sasha's on both.

The middle only as room for one full height Sasha shelf but that leaves space for the babies to have a shelf.

Then finally the bears still get a shelf to themselves and their bench and the Sasha's move up one to be safe from any sunshine.

The twins, Violet and Sapphire are now getting ready to take some things out to the garden once the weather improves and little Paige is going along to help.

Ginny, Martha and Caitlin are looking after a couple of the babies.

Ashley's telling Robin that Mum took her shoes and she's still waiting for them to be returned or replaced! While Libby and ? are taking the baby for a ride in the pram.

Here Ava is discussing her partial hair re root with Callie and wondering when Mum's going to even it up! While ? and Lulu are taking the little bear Snowy s gift from Dollmum and Dmd at the chat n snap for a ride in the other pram.

All the bears save one are excitedly chatting about the new position of the bench and what they can see from their new vantage point! The one Mossy says he needs to lie down because it's all too much this moving from shelve

Elton Ron is having a turn on the babies rocking horse while ? and Dulcie sit quietly waiting a turn.

Now the only problem with this was that two Sasha's, the twins , came out of the cupboard to go on the shelves and less Sasha's went back on.

So I set about looking and realise that in a corner of the Dinning area was a pine bookcase being badly used with things that should have been put away but instead had been shoved on the shelves to be moved later but later had never come!
So as this unit is tucked in a corner so free from getting any sunlight directly on it, it was a good place to put a few Sasha's.
So after a re arrange of videos and books to the lower shelves and a taking off of all the things that actually have homes elsewhere, I was able to use two shelves for the Sasha's and babies.

A good place for them.

Albie, Wilf, Quinn and Storm are comfy at the top.

While the others settled on the shelf below.

Now I would love to say it's all sorted....BUT!!! There are still six Sasha's, Gregor's and  Elfine, my Kaye Wiggs doll standing in front of the videos on the other side of the room, while several Gregor's and a Sasha or two are squeezed in the cupboard below and that's not to mention the three blonde babies laying about in the bedroom!!
Oh an most important of all BEATRICE!! needs a safe and dust free home!!!At present she is sitting on the edge of Paul's printer with her legs on his desk which is fine until he goes back to work in the morning and needs the space!!

Plans need to be made.....cupboard purchased or restyled........



  1. I love the way they look grouped together in those combinations! And I totally admire your organizational skills - my doll shelves never manage to look so tidy!

    1. Thank you. They were much more untidy before today's sort out!
      This is the first time that have been set properly since they were put together!

  2. They do look great in their new homes and it's really nice to see that Hattie is there to keep an eye on that naughty little Lucas and his, now, sidekick, Connor....because I fear there will be more mischief to come if they're not watched carefully!!
    I hope that poor Mr Mossy recovers fully from the terrible ordeal that he obviously feels he's been put through, having to move about on the shelves like that....Mrs Mum, how could you!!!! ;)
    I think it is all looking really nice and neat now, everyone has a lot more space and we can see them properly....and see what you've got there! :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Yes I decided that Hattie had best share her shelf with those two, so at least she'd be able to watch them for a while but I'm sure they'll sneak off if they get a chance!

      That Mossy does not like change! Honestly!! he's only moved over a couple of spaces!!

      That was what I was aiming for, more space and being able to see and appreciate them more.
      Hugs Dee xx

  3. They look great! I especially like the way the curves above Albie, Wilf, Quinn and Storm. Each little hed has a curve above it and it makes a wonderful photo.
    Glad to see that Miss Hattie is there to keep an eye on those toddler lads.... she's got her work cut out, but she's more than capable of dealing with them.
    You've done a great job, Dee. All I've done today is....well.... I can't remember!

    1. Thanks Jenni, I was worried that that top shelf was going to hide them but instead it frames them nicely.
      Yes Hattie is going to have her work cutout to keep those two in check!! I'm pleased with it but still have dolls in need of a place, so will be working on that as the weeks go by!!
      Dee xx

    2. Are you trying to get the whole Village onto the same unit?
      I am disillusioned! I thought Paul had made a whole village of little houses for them in the garden, so they could live in little family groups (LOUD HINT HERE FOR PAUL! After all, he has so much time on his hands because he never gardens, bakes, makes shelving and mini shops or creates stained glass windows....) J x

    3. The only reason I have not set him that very task is the heating bill!! For I could not have them living out there in the winter without central heating!!! What kind of parent would I be!!! :) plus I like to see them everyday and they could get snowed in!!
      Jenni what are you thinking!! Dee xx

  4. The whole arrangement works better with the books below the Village clan, it looks good. I am sure Mossy will recover from his reaction to this latest change if honey sandwiches are on offer.

    1. Poor Mr Mossy - he really doesn't get the special treatment he demandsxxx, I mean deserves, does he?

    2. Yes I think it looks better too!. But I wish you'd not mentioned Honey Sandwiches , there's now a queue of bears on the kitchen worktop mumbling about the stress of moving shelves and the need for a little something sweet!!!

    3. Jenni, He needs NO encouragement you know!!! :)

  5. Ha ha, sabotage - mentioning honey sandwiches obviously causes havoc in the village!

  6. Apologies for this late comment but my laptop's playing up and on a 'go-slow' ....probably mainly because of all the thousands of photos stored in my Pictures that need deleting!

    Now this is more like it! It looks absolutely wonderful. What a fantastic result for a wet Bank Holiday Monday! It's exactly as I had imagined it.... a superb Sasha Doll showcase.
    Adjustable shelving is just so useful. Loving all the little individual settings!

    (PS. I'm a bit like Mr Mossy as I too don't like change!)

  7. Fantastic job of rearranging your shelves and the Sashas look great in each individual shelf. I can't wait to see Miss Bea and the place of honor you find for her. You have a wonderful Sasha family!!! A great way to spend a rainy day! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger. Poor Miss Bea is now sitting against the side on one of the shelves while I search for a good spot for her!!
      It was a good way to spend a couple of hours on a wet day! :) xxx