Monday 4 August 2014

MORE POTS......?

I thought you'd like to see my other pots in the Botanic range of colours.

I must get some more of these pots , there are lots of different shapes and a few other colours available.

Sorry not babies this time just a photo of these great pots, It's not always possible to do a post that includes the Babies or Sasha's or Gregors, gathering them together takes so long they are always off out and about or sleeping or playing or in the case of the older ones at nursery or school

I'll just go and check to see if I have any more of these pots , so that you can see how versatile these great pots are..

Mm Mum's off pot hunting but it would appear that a few flowers have bloomed while she's been gone!

What's this? yet more little rose buds flowering in the pots!

That's better the one's in front have settled down, so the little flowers at the back can still be seen.

Well what's this not rose buds! They must be Cardoons, big  thistle's that grow strong and true!

Mmm looks like they are getting fed up of waiting for mum and have started talking baby talk to each other.

New baby Wilf is waving to his sister Millie excited to be with the other boys.

The girls are waiting patiently for mum's return.

Lots of  cooing and babbling going on between everyone now!Strangely they all seem to understand each other!

Hold on what happening now? What's George up to! Oh no! He's decided he wants to be down in the lilac pot !

Wilf and Quinn are impressed that George is going to climb down!

Oops! That's the wrong way George!

At last he is down safe and sound !

At least now Elton Ron and get in close to Wilf instead of balancing on the edge of the pot!
Millie you'd best sit down now or mum won't be able to see everyone when she returns!

Millie checks to see if mum's on her way before she sits back down.

The babies all get ready they can hear mum returning!

Are you all ready?

BOO! they all shout when Mum arrives ! Making her smile and laugh happily. Mum makes them all smile for a couple of photo's then giving each a big hug, she carries them a couple at a time back indoors , so they can have a nice afternoon nap!

The boys want a photo without them girls , so Mum takes a couple of quick shots before carrying them back in.

When Mum goes back to collect her camera , she finds Lucas waiting.
" Lucas did you see all the tots in the pots !" she asks smiling.
Lucas frowns!

He turns away and starts to climb in the first pot!

A lot of huffing and puffing goes on , he starts to speak! Then realises he's facing the wrong way!!

Spreading his arms to shield the pots behind him he says " They not TOTS! Me TOTS! "

"You Tot " corrects Mum
"Yes me Tots!" cries Lucas gleefully
"Well the babies are tots too !" says Mum, " Tiny tots "
"No!" says Lucas

Lucas sits down and spreads himself out " NO TOTS BABIES!" Declares " ONLY LUCAS TOT! " he  will not be letting any more babies in HIS pots!

"Oh you are sweet !" says Mum walking off into the house. Lucas sits in the pot waiting........and waiting......and waiting.... then he decides he's made his point , so goes indoors for his nap, that pot was way to hard for sleeping !



  1. Just adoring all the movements and interactions of these 'Tots in Pots!' So much to see and notice in each photo. Fab idea!

    I can well see why George moves out of the taller purple pot into the lilac as that has a much wider brim to allow for four to shand in more comfortably.

    I hate to tell you but yesterday you mentioned that you now had NINE babies.... but there are TEN here, another one must have seeded and taken root overnight.....SO guessing yes, you CAN obviously GROW them in pots!
    Off now to locate mine (beige) and my late mother's (maroon) and I even have Chon's (off white), here at the moment awaiting for me to plant some Hyacinth bulbs fin it or Christmas) from the garage . (This has now become an annual tradition to give a focal point, colour and perfume to the room after the decorations have been taken down when the left space suddenly looks rather bare.)

    The arrival of THAT naughty little toddler imp, Lucas, provides an amusing end to another superb baby post. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks Kendal. I have learnt through doing these posts, that you need to move the subject including the one's not centre stage or it looks like the same photo, just repeated!

      I see you noticed there are actually TEN! Bad mother that I am I totally forgot I had another girl, even worse I cannot remember what I called her!! So I am going to have to check for her arrival and now keep a list of everyone's name in a book!
      This is what comes of having so many babies, Sasha's and Gregor's although the boys are not so bad because they are so few , the girls names will eventually come to me but the babies ones always seem to escape me!!
      Not the ones who have been here for a long time, like Rosie, Elton Ron, George and Quinn but the newer ones.
      So I now have that on my to do list, a book of which Sasha's called what!!

      I thought Lucas was going to stay in that pot all night but luckily it was too hard and his stomach started rumbling so he soon came inside !

      Dee xx

  2. Hi Dee....the new triplets make POTS of fun for your village nursery. Sweet, sweet babies! Love all of the different outfits. I wonder who is coming next...Carol

    1. Hi Carol
      Those pots are looking very full! And some how I now have TEN babies! when I was trying to keep the numbers down to six!!
      If anything else is coming I hope it's not another baby!! :)

  3. Awww another great Tots in Pots post! I love all the babies, they're so different. And those pots are very attractive, they'd look nice in my garden, I like that kind of pot!
    I have always used an excel spreadsheet for the names of my dolls. I have a lot of informaiton on it for each doll, including when and where I bought it, if there is any relevant information such as custom faceups or in the case of Sashas, if they've been restrung etc., and then I always put their given name on there. I even put how much I paid for them because if I ever come to sell, I find that information very useful. In fact I've been doing this now for more than 8 years and it's been invaluable having all this information available at the click of a might find it more helpful than a notebook which could get lost!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. Those pots would look very nice in your garden along those lovely white walls! Ten babies! Who knew ! Not me!! :)
      Spread sheet sounds like an idea. When I first started collecting Sasha's I put what they were, their name, the price paid and where from and what they were wearing or with but after a year of so and then I started selling this one to buy that one I slowly stopped keeping track!
      So I think I had best do an inventory and keep it both on the computer and in a book!! I do so like books ! :)
      Those bears need to be in there too!

      Hugs Dee xx

  4. I love the post with the babies and the pots. I love always baby photos and your babies are so sweet. The new two sweeties look beautiful. I have also dark babies with falling hairs - only one has non falling hair. I like very much the baby outfits with hats and the very nice fabrics. The photos with the babies in the pots are marvelous and so funny! I like the little one with the curls most:)

    1. Thank you Barbara. I do like the babies, they take such good photo's and always look so sweet. It is hard to find a baby with falling hair when you want one!! lol
      Their outfits I have bought here and there over the last few months, I do like a nice fabric with colour!
      Quinn the curly haired boy is everyone's favourite ! :)