Sunday 24 August 2014


This should really be the next post for Ashlyn and the boys but my camera decided to freeze!!!! #*~!! right in the middle of my photography session!! It is now sitting in front of me still on, with the screen lit but refusing to move!
Last time this happened I had to wait a few hours for it to decide to shut and then work again!

I did go and get Paul from his gardening and get him to finish taking the photo's I wanted but the first part of the story is on my camera!! So I must wait a while before deciding whether to go back and re shoot the first photo's!!

While waiting I thought I would share a couple of other photo's with you.

The other week the Great British Bake Off started, which we all enjoy watching in this house, especially seeing all the different things baked each week. Now Paul loves baking , so when this programme starts we reap the benefit!!

I came back from work the weekend before last to find Paul had made a lovely Victoria Sponge and also scones using the Paul Hollywood recipes from the book he received for Christmas from one of the girls!

This Saturday I returned to find his dough waiting for his Ciabatta bread !

I remembered to take a photo this time.

So last night we enjoyed  Bolognesse with Ciabatta it was delicious ! The extra loaves have gone into the freezer .

I thought I would also show you a piece of Paul's Stained Glass, which he made a few years back after he went on a course for stained glass making.

Unfortunately it's been knocked over a couple of time! Foolishly I let him put it in his workshop and it stood in front of the window, he says he has no idea how it got damaged!! It must have fallen over!!! So now it's back hanging to one side of the french doors in the kitchen.

At least here it should be safe!

In the workshop that we are splitting for my Sasha studio, there is a big space left to allow some light through , I keep suggesting a lovely window in stained glass with the words Sasha Village across would look really far he's ignoring me!! Which he seems to be getting better at the older he gets!!!



  1. Is there NO end to Paul's talents?????
    It must be absolutely wonderful to have such a superb DIY husband. I can't even begin to imagine it as my two ex's were literally hopeless in this department and I couldn't even contemplate thinking of a third at my age and with my health!
    I just adore home-made bread and Victoria sponge cakes. Shall I send down a self-addressed, prepaid for next day delivery box down to him on Tuesday? Pity that it's a Bank Holiday on Monday as, as you know, I'm not a very patient person when it comes to things that I see and then want!

    Loving the stained glass window. Are you sure that it's safe there and won't get blown against the glass of that door in the draught from the other door when it is opened?
    Your idea about the window in the workshed/studio sounds good but think that it might be better to wait until after his work is fully completed with the gardening project and for the Chat n' Snap.


  2. Amazing! What a treasure your husband is! I hope you look after him at least as well as you look after your Sashas!!! xxx Karin

  3. What a wonder Paul is! Camera man, glazier, baker, carpenter, gardener and Sasha fixer. I'm sure that Dee will gradually inform us of assorted other skills that he can turn his hand to when she requires some work to be done. We have the ice Queen, Lady Kendal and now there's Duchess Dee, who ensures her wish is Paul's command.

    Now, whilst I am happy to allow Lady Kendal to take some of the ciabatta and cake off your hands - just to help you stay trim, of course, Dee - I feel it is my duty to take the beautiful stained glass into safe keeping. It looks just the right size to replace the little window at the side of our spare bedroom (can't call it a guest room just now, unless guets come equiped with mountaineering gear, ready to scale the heights of boxes containing dolls, books and other stuff) The builders have managed to breakthe existing little windot - though it is in the one room they assured me was safe from their ministrations, and my gregors would love the heraldic look of Paul's fine workmanship. Once the builders move out, It would be a far safer place for such a wonderful lead and glass creation than next to the opening French door.....

  4. As everyone else has said, there really is NO end to this husband of yours talent, is there!!!! Well done on that lovely bread and gorgeous window Paul, you certainly were a wonderful catch!!! :)
    Not saying that Dee wasn't either of course! ;)
    I bet that bread tasted delicious, makes me feel hungry just looking at it!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  5. Really very wonderful Dee! Paul is amazing and I love the stained glass. So beautiful. :). The bread looks scrumptious and I can imagine how good it smells. I used to make bread and hope to bake more after I retire. This was a great Paul Post !!! :) xxx