Saturday 2 August 2014


Ellen Church shared some more photo's of her seventies lasses, love all these pink shorts with bib sets.

Look at those beautiful blue eyes.

I love this photo, such a lovely face and the deep pink looks so nice on her.

I do like the checked fabric always looks so clean and fresh.

and here are the boys in blue! another bunch of seventies lads in their blue and white shorts and tops.

These seventies lads have such a handsome look to them with the deep blue eyes.

Look at that face ! and the stand, he looks just like a model in a magazine for boys togs!

This young lad looks quite shy, not to sure about having his photo taken.

A little baby boy joins in the fun being pulled along in the cart.



This lad looks that he is having a serious discussion with with the lass , who looks like she cannot believe what he's moaning about !! :)

Thanks to Ellen Church for sharing these fab photo's of her seventies blonde children.



  1. Very lovely Dee! Thank you for sharing this special combination of Sharon's inspired creations with Ellen's beautiful Sashas!! I love looking at these photos over and over again! Have a great day! :) xxx

    1. Hi Ginger, I must confess I did not realise that all the t shirts and socks were the made by the very talented Sharon ! They all look great with the clothes Ellen's teamed them :) xx

  2. LOL Dee, as they say Great Minds Think Alike! I think we are both showing Ellens lovely dolls at the same time! She sent me some photos of her kids wearing the tee shirts etc that I'd made, last week and I saved them for yesterday! I expect people think they're seeing double. But hey, these girls and boys are so pretty that it's definitely worth seeing twice, isn't it!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. One can never have too much of a good thing!! Lol I did not realise all the t shirts show were by you! Looking very good on Ellen's lovely Sasha's and Gregor's , I should have given you a big mention!!
      hugs Dee xx