Sunday, 3 August 2014


Well I would love to say that I was minding my own business but I really must stop using that excuse !
In fact I was doing what most of us do and that is cruising the net looking at all things Sasha!

And I saw a little blonde baby in a wicker basket wrapped in his blanket complete with box, was I looking to buy a baby? No !  so did I carry on ? No  I did place a bid?  Yes! My excuse if I need one was he was so sweet looking in his little basket .
Did I win the baby ?

YES!  I could not believe that no one bid against me , so I got him for the opening price!

He was in need of a good wash but still has sand in his joints! The only thing missing is his Silver tag !

He tell's me his name is WILF! I tried to call him Dylan But he was having none of it! So Wilf it is!

 Well after I had bid on Wilf , I wandered on looking and checking when I found myself on the German site where I cam across another baby ! This one was a little brunette girl , naked and looking a little worn but the bids quite cheap for a baby. so did I need another baby? No ! Was I looking for a baby? No! Did I place a bid?  Yes!!
Did I win the Baby ?

YES! Did I take a photo of her naked when she arrived? NO ! But she is called Millie and will make her entrance in a moment because.......

While all this was going on, I had enquired about the mint in box brunette baby on Shelly's! I had made an offer that was not accepted but told Shelly should the price drop I'd be interested......well here I have two bids on two babies on two sites...when the price drops.......what to do!! What to Do!!! Do I need another baby? NO ! Do I want another Baby? NO ! Did I contact Shelly and say I'd buy her???


When I saw this little tot in her box never been removed ! Still waiting for that cuddle and change of clothes I just could not think of her going off to be left in the box and put away for another 40 odd years, so even knowing that she was bound to have falling hair and therefore was probably over priced I still bought her.
Her name is Dixie, she is beautifully mint with a matt face and crisp white clothes and hair that comes out all the time.

So Today I went out to meet my friend for a cup of tea and a chat while Paul was at Archery and while there in the garden centre I came across a lovely shaped pot ! One of the Royal Botanic Gardens..Kew range in a lovely duck egg blue, Did I need another garden pot? No ! Did I walk away ? No! Did I buy the pot when I saw it was on offer?


This is a lovely oval shape, I do love these pots that come in such lovely colours and shapes and are nice and solid.

So what was the first thing I put in this lovely pot?

Yes My three new Tot's. Who have all been washed and all (but Dixie ) had a hair wash and are looking lovely and fresh.

Wilf is worried that there may only be girls in his new home but he need not worry he'll soon meet Gorgeous George, Quinn and Elton Ron !

Dixie wants to sit on the side of the pot, so climbs out! Millie asks Wilf  if he wants to sit on the pot too!

Suddenly Wilf finds himself squashed between the two girls sitting on the edge of the new pot!

Mum saves Wilf by turning the pot upside down ans sitting all the babies on the pot.

Wilf likes being on the pot looking down on his new sisters.

Wilf is from around 1975, with lovely brown eyes and fluffy blonde hair.

I am glad Wilf came to live with us in the village .

Millie looked quite dark and possibly with a few marks or wear that I thought for sure her hair would also be falling , so had considered that I could use her for a re root!

But after a good wash , she's come out lovely and unmarked with non falling hair! So no re root !

 Sweet little Dixie is so minty and will in time make a great re root project due to how much of her hair falls when I just look at her!!

Look at that sweet face , she is just so happy to be out in the fresh air and free from her box after 40 odd years.

So there they are Three little Tots in a pot ! All totally unexpected purchases but I'm not complaining even if the nursery just expanded in size by a third!!!



  1. HAHAHA Dee you are INCORRIGIBLE!!!!! How on earth do you get yourself into these pickles, adopting NOT one, NOT two, but THREE lovely little babies all at once!!! All those nappies, all those sleepless nights (well you could get Paul to do that bit!) and all those new outfits...what great FUN!!!!! Well done on your three new purchases, they are a super cute little bunch. I do love looking at other peoples photos of babies but struggle with them myself, which is why poor Bertie is an only one, although one day I might add a brunette sister.....who really knows!
    I love the outfits you've chosen for them too, particularly the set being worn by Dixie, I do like the patchwork fabric.
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. What can I say! It never rains but it pours in this house!! and that seems to include the Sasha's!! Sometime I feel I should be banned from the computer!! lol
      I should confess that I found Wilf's outfit when I was looking for something else, having totally forgotten I had it!, Millie's has been sitting around for about a year waiting to be used and I love it! and Dixie's at least is quite recent and looks great on her!!
      Hugs Dee xx

  2. Another grèat post Dee and I love the babies! Wilfi is so handsome and Dixie is just so adorable. So glad you resued her from her box!! Millie is a cutie pie and all of their outfits are so bright and cheery! So nice to show them around your very attractive pot too. Thank you! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger, Wilf is such a handsome little boy! and the girls both so cute, which is why I land up with three at once!! Just sometimes it's hard to resist a pretty face!! At least the pot's not Sasha related although when Paul saw me taking the photo's , he said he knew it was another Sasha prop!!!!! lol :) xxx

  3. Sasha babies are so irresistably tempting to most of us (especially to those past real child bearing years!) I just love their sweet endearing little faces and dressed in the little white nightdresses and shawls you just have to give them a home.

    Another great advantage, which can well be seen here, is that they are unbelieveably poseable. Just a twist of their head, a slight movement of their arms and legs and you have a pose and photo 'to die for!'

    Congratulations Denise on your latest triplets. They remind me of the years that I was lucky enough to have the wonderful pleasure of actually teaching triplets and they too were like yours, two girls and a boy. (I also had taught their mother when she was in primary school!) Their were several sets of twins made up of either two girls, two boys or boy/ girl combinations but only ever the one set of triplets.

    They look so angelic in your new super oval shaped plant pot. You don't often see this shape and which I think will look great with indoor Hyacinths planted in it over the Christmas/Spring months.

    I laughed out loud when I read what Paul said about the pot when it was full of those dear little babies in their delightful Summery outfits. Indeed a great plant pot and especially if it grows Sasha babies on an annual basis.

    1. They are indeed Kendal, I remember not even ever wanting one, never mind the nine I now have!!!
      They are as you rightly say so easy to pose , with the turn of the head or move of the foot, just like the big Sasha's too!
      I had not thought of them as triplets but what a great idea! :) although Dixie may land put with curly red hair at some stage! I may have to get brunette for her instead!!

      I do love the new planter I may have to ban myself from all garden centre for the rest of the year just to stop me adding another couple to my collection!!

      That Paul's too clever by half!! but would that not be great a pot that grew baby Sasha's and Gregor's especially if they continued to grow until they reached 15/ 16 inches!!!

      Dee xx

    2. Oh! I hadn't thought of that last sentence happening! Even better than just growing the babies!
      Just think of the income that they would bring to your Sasha funds!
      Perhaps I should race out and get a pot for myself?

    3. There would have to be a restriction on growing them or we'd have too many, maybe it could be quite hard to grow them and you only get one or two if all the stars aline!!! :)

  4. Oh Dee...I love it!!! The babies look great. They look so sweet climbing on the pot. I have just finished knitting a dress for one baby & a hooded suit for another which needs buttons. I'll take a photo when I find buttons. You sound like you are having fun...Carol

    1. Thanks Carol. I would love to see a photo of your new baby outfits.
      That's what Sasha's are for! FUN! :)