Friday 15 August 2014


Today I sorted through some things to sell, Sasha clothes that I have not used for a good while or just not used at all!

I did manage to put a few things on my sales page and also on ebay. But as is usual when I put them on my Sasha to take the photo's I remembered why I bought them in the first place... because I loved the colour or fabric or design or all three!!

The problem with putting them on the Sasha's also makes you realise how lovely they look and then you decide to put them back in the box with all the rest!! Therefore defeating the object before you have even started.      
This outfit is such an example! I think when I got it I put it on my Cora or did  I ! It's been so long I cannot remember ! Anyway I dressed Sansa for the photo's and she looks so nice that it's stayed on her and I changed model's to Belinda!!  

She does look so sweet in this dress and  I do so love Elephants, so it's now a keeper! :)

Another thing I need to do is , which I have said before is write all their names down, Sharon suggested a spread sheet, which I may do. I am considering putting them all on a page on the blog, so I can just go look when I need a quick answer.
In the early days of Sasha collecting I kept a record of what they were, when they arrived, where they came from and how much I paid and What I had CALLED them!!but after a couple of years , I stopped keeping a detailed record.

So I am going to move the Dood's photo's into the Candy page and list my Sasha's in that page, along with their photo.

I'll be doing this while trying to keep up with what's happening in the village !



  1. Some good ideas that I should really follow but guess that that won't be happening here as I 'm basically very lazy when it comes to paperwork in any shape or form!
    Though after another big cull between now and Christmas on the Sasha numbers I might start on naming those girls and babies that remain with me and are still without names.

    Loving that pinafore styled dress on Sansa.

    1. I am full of good idea's it's putting them into practice I have trouble with! Well not so much trouble as finding the time? making the time?
      What a lovely task to have Kendal, naming all your dolls that don't have names! Will you have a plan? like Judith who names her babies for herbs or flowers? or something else? or just whatever suits them or comes to mind?
      I look forward to hear each of their names as you decide them :)
      Dee xxxxxxx

  2. Sansa looks really nice in this dress, the colour and style works really well on her!
    I am the same when it comes to selling dolls. I look at them, decide that they can go up for adoption, I take photos and am all ready to go for it....then I upload the photos to my computer, start looking at them and thinking "oh she's so sweet, why on earth do I want to sell her?" and then she goes back with the others to gather dust!!!! Until I finally just go for it! Though in some cases, that particular doll goes on to become a favourite so never goes anywhere! So I know completely what you mean!!!!
    As for the names list, I've been keeping my list for about 9 years now and I always add to it each and every time I buy a new doll. I update it as and when it's necessary. I find it so useful for if I do decide to sell a doll, particularly when there is additional information such as, in the case of BJDs, who did their face up, is it custom or default, how much I paid, and with Sashas for example, I like to record if they've been restrung, or repainted....and again when and where and their price. I find that it helps me to get an idea of the price I should put them up for if I decide to sell.
    I hope you find a way that works for you Dee!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    1. Thanks Sharon.
      I agree about the doll selling too! lol You don't handle them for ages and as soon as you decide they must go, you handle them, get the dressed nicely study them and all of a sudden you remember why you bought them!! and back they go on the same shelf they were on before!!
      I have gotten better but still can take ages to actually commit!!

      I agree about the lists, I'm going to keep one on the blog of the dolls and their names etc and another on the computer with all the details , including price etc.and knowing me another list in a book because I just love to put pen to paper! lol

      Hugs Dee xx