Saturday 28 April 2012

THE BOYS DO DOODLE................

What cold and wet weather we are having! It's rained here nearly all day and the ground has stayed wet and the air cold, so not much chance for the boys to play.
But they did manage to get outside for a very quick run round the garden and I nabbed them for a photo shoot.

They were hard to keep still.

" Toby, stop trying to run off! " I say. He had a grumble , they really need to have a good run but in this weather...

Zac, Ben,  Duncan and Adam are very good and stay still long enough for me to take a couple of photo's.

LtoR-Percy, Toby, Zac, Ben, Duncan and Adam

I love them in their great Dollydoodle outfits, looking like a little gang , it's taken a while but they now all
have a set of clothes each.In fact Zac has a top similar to Toby but I cannot find it!! I will have to have a proper search.


  1. Love your Doodle DOODS (DUDES) :)

  2. Looking like my Sasha Brood lads have some Dollydoodle competition from your boys then! Great shot of them lined up outside in the wet. I sent a copy of them over to Judith in case she missed them and she replied that she hadn't realised that you had bought SO many! I just adore these Gregor leisure outfits of hers and it was these that encouraged me to increase my number of the Sasha males.
    Last week I bought another sheet of the wall wrapping paper ready to join them together to allow a photo of my lads 'hanging out' in front of it... but hopefully NOT watching all the girls go by as the song lyric 'Standing on the corner' says!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. Kendal it was seeing your Sasha Brood 'Crew' that set me on my quest to get all my 'crew' some street cred threads!
      I just love the look it gives them and cannot wait for this rain to stop, so that they can get out and do more!The only problem is there are rumblings from the girls!...

  3. Love your boys in their Doodle wear … they all look great, I really like Adam, your brown eyed blonde boy, I'm curious which Gregor he is, maybe David or Alberto? He's lovely :)

    comment from Cathy