Saturday 7 April 2012


"Now" said Hattie importantly" We are going to go and hunt for eggs in the garden ! "
Ginnie and Paige listen carefully.

" I am glad you are both wearing warm cardigan's because it is turning cold outside " The two girls are paying attention to their new big sister " But we must put on our Easter Bonnets!"

" They do not look like Easter bonnets" Says Ginnie looking at them closely
" Well for today they are! " states Hattie " Now please do not argue and put them on"

" Paige is your hat on properly?" asks Hattie
" It makes my head look huge because of my plaits so it will have to sit behind them" says Paige stubbornly
" Ok We cannot waste any more time, I'll bring the basket and then we are off"
" Mmm' thinks Mossy 'Hunting for eggs sounds like fun'

" Thats our first egg found" laughs Hattie " lets look for more! We'll leave the one behind Ginnie for the boys to find"

"Right Paige you collect this egg, but be careful" Says Hattie as Paige climbs up onto the raised flower bed to reach for the little wooden egg hanging from the tree.

" Hello Girls" Calls Zac and Toby coming along pulling the babies cart " How many eggs have you found?"

It seems someone as managed to get the boys to bring them on the egg hunt! Mossy tries to pretend he cannot be seen!

" We have three eggs already " says Hattie " what about you?"
" Only have one so far " moans Toby , he looks at the girls headwear
" Why are you wearing them hats?" asks Toby
" They are our easter bonnets" Hattie replies
" They dont look like Easter bonnets! " Toby laughs
" How would you know !" says Hattie hufferly " you are just a philistine!"
Toby looks at Zac " Whos Phillis Tine?" Zac shrugs his shoulders and starts talking before Toby and Hattie start fighting.
 " Hey Mum said there is a monster egg down here somewhere and if we find it we can all share it!"

"Monster! " cries Paige worriedly
" Monster Easter Egg " Laughs Toby " not a real monster"

" We'll go first" says Toby " you girls can stay behind us"
" Yes " agrees Zac " We will save you from the chocolate monsterrrrr" Laughing the boys move ahead
Mossy's thinking maybe coming on this hunt was not such a good idea!
" Look! There's another egg " shouts Zac hurrying ahead of the rest.

As Zac gets closer he spots something big hiding in the border.
" Hey! It's the monster I've found it!"

" Come and help me get it out" calls Zac
Paige hides behind Ginnie " I'm not going near no monster! "
" Girls!" sniggers Toby
Mossy would like not to go near no monster either but has he is sitting in the cart it's a bit hard to escape!

" Coo That was hard work " states Zac " but he is nice and big and we will all get a nice share"
" Yes Lets take him back to mum so she can share him out"
Mossy who is now sitting up close to the monster checks him out!
" He is very white" says Mossy " he must have been out of the sun for a long get that white!"

" You are very brave" says Paige shyly to her two new brothers
" It was nothing " they both say together then laugh.
" Hello! " say Mossy to the large white duck sitting in front of him " have you been hiding long?"
the duck being made of chocolate does not reply.

" Ok lets go back in and mum can divide up the duck and we can watch a film! "
" Yes good idea There is always childrens films on at easter"
" I want to watch Pirates of the carribean" states Toby
" No change there then" Says Hattie " We could watch Harry Potter with Helena"
" No change there then!!" mimics Toby back
" Lets watch Hugo!" March of the penguins" " Wallis and Gromit?" asks Paige softly
" Yes Wallis and Gromit But which one?" says Zac
which just starts another round of disagreement and suggestion.

" I like A Matter of Loaf and Death myself , what about you? " Mossy asks the duck " I bet you like The Wrong Trousers cause its got a penguin in it!"

" Ok you win! Dont talk but you cannot complain if they pick the film you dont like !"

Ginnie who as been listening to Mossy while the others argue about which Wallis and Gromit film to watch decides that she had best take Mossy straight to the TV and make sure he is nowhere near Mum when she cuts up the chocolate duck!!!


This blog was a labour of love! Every single Sasha and Gregor fell over more than once! Paige and Ginnie decided that they really did not like to stand on uneven cobbles! The basket fell off Hatties arm at least three times and Mossy kept falling over in the trolley! Some of the photos were so tilted I was thinking of turning it into an
earthquake blog!!! However I got there in the end but DH refuses to re-lay the end of the garden paths with nice smooth paving!


  1. That certainly was a labour of love, you must have been out there most of the day :)
    Great story and lovely to have Hattie back..who looks fabulous :0

  2. Great story! It must have taken you ages. It's nerve wracking when they fall over, isn't it. I love your garden, it looks in perfect scale for them

  3. Job well done! Thanks for sharing the "fruits of your labor". Hope all the kids were able to watch their favorite movie and enjoyed the chocolate Duck. It appears Mossy is a very thoughtful little bear.

  4. Mossy looks very cute in the little radio flyer trailer. I can see a lot of work indeed went into this story and the Easter Egg Hunt, sounds like your little family had a great time.

    Have a very Happy Easter :-)

  5. ‘Really enjoyed going on your Garden Easter Egg hunt but I think that I might have been too late as I came back with an empty basket as all the eggs must have already been found.
    Kendal asked me to add her comment.....

    Adoring your latest little 'critters' purchases and the stories attached to them. Had great plans to do something special for my Easter blog but time ran out as usual.

    Sasha love and a very happy Easter to you all. From Kendal.’

    1. The sentence about Kendal asking me to add her comment somehow moved from the top to the middle once I pressed add!!!!!

  6. oh dee....i really love your garden....well done for having the patience to make all the sashas stand up....loving the pink cardi your long awaited for red is wearing....sarah x