Thursday 12 April 2012


" Oh What a large box" says Paige
" It's addressed to mum and you. You should have a look inside" replies Ginnie

" They are mine!" exclaims Paige looking in the box.

" They are nice, I love the colour" says Ginnie
" These were made for me by my other mama , she has sent them to me "

" Hello" says Liberty coming in with Mathilda " Whats in the box?"

" It's from my last Mama" states Paige
" Look at this love dress and apron" says Ginnie lifting it out to show the others.
" Are they all yours?" asks Liberty
" No just the overalls and blouse.The others are to share"

" Here Tilly you try it" says Liberty to Tilly who has been watching quietly.
" I think it will look really nice on you" says Ginnie.

" And I think you should try this one" says Paige shyly to Libby
" Are you sure?"
" Yes"
"Ok lets finish checking the box first"

"Look here's a card" says Paige handing it to Libby " can you read it please"

Libby takes the card and reads aloud " Hi Dee, I hope you enjoy these clothes for the redheads.Paige is quite a Tomboy, so I included her overalls for outdoor play, love Ellen.  Oh No "
" What ?" asks Paige worriedly
Libby laughs " Mum was hoping you'd be a little lady but your a tomboy like the rest of us!" the girls giggle Paige looks a little worried still " I can be a little lady" she says with determination
Libby pats her shoulder " You be you, thats all mum wants" she states firmly.

Tilly and Libby go off to try on the new clothes. Ginnie says to Paige while they wait " Dont you want to put on your overalls?"
" No" says Paige " I like my new dress and I will wait until another time to wear them "
Ginnie grins " Ok" She thinks Paige is going to prove she can be a little lady.

The girls return in the new clothes.
" You look so nice " says Ginnie and Paige together.
" Yes even without red hair" says Libby smiling.
The three red heads smile in sympathy " I like blonde hair! " declares Tilly " Me too " pipe up Ginnie and Paige.
Libby laughs" Here comes mum with the camera, get ready to pose"

The girls with Tilly wearing the apron.

Tilly without the apron.
" Come on Mum wants to take some pictures outside while the sun is out" says Paige.

" Why is mum making us stand so we are in shadow?" whispers Tilly to Libby
" Because she wants the nice green leaves behind us" Libby whispers back

The girls all stand patiently while mum takes half a dozen photo's.

Holding hand Ginnie and Paige pose for the last few photo's.
" I'm glad I came to live here " says Paige
" I'm glad I came to live here too" Says Ginnie " I think we are going to be the bestest of friends"
" Me too" grins Paige " Me too"

Well what a lovely surprise parcel to receive! we all know Sasha parcels are by far the best. I would like to Thank Ellen for her very generous gift for my reds, even if a blonde has snapped up one of the dresses for now.
Now that makes me think i need a wardrobe to keep all their lovely clothes in, now where did I see that wardrobe for sale! and they could do with a bed..... and maybe.........  HELP I'M SLIDING DOWN THAT Let go of me! I've a wardrobe to purchase......


  1. How kind and thoughtful is that? What a super surprise for you and your girls.

  2. Loved the surprise parcel arrives story … love the photos of your girls rummaging through the box and what lovely pretty dresses they found inside, I also love the overalls with the blouse, such pretty soft colours … I do like all your girls shoes too. Have fun down that slippery slope … LOL!

    Comment added for Cathy

  3. Your Clematis is out awfully early, Dee! Lucky you!

    1. It's an early flowering one.So we get some nice early colour in the garden and very handy for taking the Sasha photos against!