Thursday 5 April 2012


" Edward you must help me! " says Mossy
" Of course Mossy. What can I do?"
" You can help me make some magic.." whispers Mossy.

"Ooo " moans Hugh from above Edward and Mossy " I should not have eaten that last honey sandwich"
The other little bears ignore him , they had warned him not to eat it but the little bears eyes were bigger than
 his belly!.
Mossy covers his eyes and starts to chant " I call on the magic of the Ancient Emerald of the bears"

"Ancient Emerald of the bears!" wonders Edward in dismay!
" Shh " whispers Mossy from the side of his mouth then he continues  loudly" I Mossy et Maise et linus et Growler et  Gordon et......"

Hugh suddenly peers over the edge of the chair " Edward " he whispers " Has Mossy eaten all them bears" he asks in a very worried voice. " No " Edward whispers back " he is calling on the magic of his emerald and I believe they are the names of his family line"
" Why's he doing that?"
" He wants his little miss to arrive so he can have someone of his own" says Edward wisely.

" Is it working?" asks Hugh in a loud whisper
 Mossy Rolls his eyes behind his paws and continues to chant " et Merlin I call you to me now! No more shall I have to wait ! Come to ME" he finishes with a dramatic cry.
"Merlin?" queries Edward
"Merlin Fitzherbert my great great great..."
" Yes Yes I understand" says Edward not wanting to hear lots of greats...

" Thats a fine name" says a girls voice
All the teddies look at where the voice has come from.
" Whats  a fine name ?" asks Edward " Merlin Fitzherbert?"
" No " she says " Mossy. Thats a fine name for a Teddy"

" Yes indeed it is " says Edward politely " and may I ask your name?"
"Well yes you may " smiles the girl " My name is Ginnie "
" wait wait" calls Mossy and he turns and starts to climb..

" Now Miss Ginnie !" puffs Mossy after his frantic climb " Do you happen to be looking for a teddy to call your very own?"
"Why yes I am " smiles Ginnie
" well maybe you would like to consider my good self" says Mossy " I have never had an owner, no one has ever given me a ....bear ..hug.." his voice trails away

Suddenly Mossy is swept into Ginnies arms and hugged tightly..but not too tightly
" Well then it's just as well you are going to be my Teddy because I have lots of bear hugs to give"

"Are you crying?" Hugh asks Edward
"No!" states Edward gruffly " Its just a bit of dust in my eye"
Straightening up Edward says loudly " Now come along time for a photo"

" Mossy " calls Edward " you are not supposed to be in the picture!"

Mossy gives a big grin " Well of course I am !  I'm Ginnies Teddy " he states with pride.


  1. Okay, now I am REALLY green eyed with envy with one of these girls being on my wish list...Congratulations on your new girl, I'm sure she will settle in very quickly.

  2. im just as green as lorraine....your SO lucky !....sarah x

  3. Ginnie is lovely Dee! And a lot less fattening than a chocolate Easter Egg :)

  4. Thank you, she was a great find and definately less fattening than an Easter egg but much dearer!

  5. I need a crash course in Sasha dolls! Looking at all the blogs I am baffled as to the variety of Sashas out there! Anyone able to organise a seminar? Not that I need to get hooked on yet another type of Sasha! But Ginnie is lovely, Dee, and the story sequence is very sweet! (Love Gillian's new arrival too - lucky girls)

  6. Cathy asked me to paste her comments for the blog..

    Oooh just been catching up with your blog ….. oh I LOVE your new redhead Ginnie, I love the no-navels and she is gorgeous … and such a sweet story with the bears, so glad Mossy now has a little Miss of his very own, love your Easter photo too Paige is beautiful, very pretty cardi she's wearing too.