Monday 9 April 2012


Violet and Sapphire have volunteered to look after four of the babies while they have a snack.

They are all waiting for Hattie to arrive with their treat.

Hattie went out to the village bakery and bought home some nice fresh hot cross buns for the babies.

Hattie puts the basket on the table for Violet and Sapphire.

" What nice hot cross buns" says Sapphire " who wants one?"

Dulcie and Rosie are given a bun each when George pulls the plate towards himself saying " Me Me"

Naughty George grabs the plate of hot cross buns and tips it up and all the buns start sliding towards him, he laughs gleefully.

Luckily Sapphire saves the day and gives George his ONE hot cross bun.

While Sapphire is dealing with George, Dulcie feeds some bun to her little Bunnie Fleur.

Thirty long minutes later, after washing the babies faces and hands and settling them in their playpen the twins return to clear up the table.

Suddenly disaster ! Sapphire drops a plate on the floor and it breaks.

"Oh No!" whispers Sapphire " It's broken"

Violet hurries round the table to give her sister a hug " Don't worry! I'll go and tell mum we broke it "
She rushes off in search of their mother.

Sapphire spends the time trying to see if she can put the pieces back together.

Violet returns carring a chocolate carrot and a chocolate bunny!
" What did mum say" asked Sapphire tearfully.
" Well she went quiet and looked up at the ceiling! Then she took a deep breath and said...."
"What?" Sapphire demanded
" Accidents happen and next time we must remember to use the plastic plates and cups for the babies and then she gave me the chocolate and said that was for looking after the babies! and NOT for breaking the plate"
Sapphire signs in relief and the girls finish tidying the room, then go off to watch tv and share their chocolate.


  1. Those hot cross buns look delicious! How upsetting about the plate, but lucky that Mum wasn't cross. The twins look lovely - is that Dollydoodles gear?

    The babies are so cute, especially Dulcie. I love your Sasha room and the wondeful furniture

  2. Yes that is Dollydoodles gear and i did not ever want baby sashas but now I have five!! Dulcie is a sweetie.

    and the room is part of the kitchen counter where I have to be very careful when taking photo,s! I hope to have a proper studio area sometime!

  3. An absolutely delightful Easter story and a wonderful start to my day. Adored the miniature hot cross buns and crockery though was upset to see that one of the plates was accidentally broken. Hopefully it can be mended or replaced. I bought one of my Sasha kids the same Easter print bunny. I too love Dollydoodle's leisure clothing.
    A great scene set-up, I so wish that I had the patience and more importantly the hand skills to do things like this.
    Sasha love and many thanks for the sheer pleasure and total enjoyment. From Kendal.

    1. i must confess I broke the plate when packing away and decided to let Sapphire take the wrap!! what a bad mother!!
      The hot cross buns I bought they are made of marizpan and I do love dollydoodles clothes for the Sasha's.
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  4. I really enjoyed your hot cross bun story, the little buns are sooo cute, your babies and Sasha girls are all dressed beautifully and I love their little cuddly toys, the sheep looks like a little baby lamp chop and Fleur Bunny is adorable. Love the Sasha sized furniture too, so sad about the little plate though.

    Cathy asked me to add the above comment for her.