Saturday 28 April 2012


Well by now most if not all of you will have seen the the two most gorgeous np red haired Sasha's on Shelly's for hearts desire there in front of a price.........
I am a Sashaphile! so the scheming began......the first beauty was way out of reach but maybe just maybe I could find the money for the it began.....

1/ Look into Sasha fund..........empty!

2/ consider selling all the lovely clothes that the Sasha's own.......too nice cannot part with any!

3/ consider selling daughter that lives at home to white she'd too clever will find her way home and then I'm in trouble!

4/ Consider selling DH to white slavers......too old and hornery would not get much , may even have to pay them!!!

5/ How much would two nine year old Westies fetch?.......Hamish is a big coward and Izzy is short sighted, if she sees something she's not noticed before , she jumps and then growls until you show it to her!!

What to do What to do.....It will have to be the white slavers.. maybe I could get a package deal on the pair of them! well I was half way out the door, when I came to my senses...........

They are lovely and I do soooooooooo want them but It is obviously not meant to one is out there an old second hand shop, covered in dirt looking like she should be in the bin! but much nearer the price I can afford...

But I would say just one last thing.....I think the people in this house should sleep with one eye open until those Sasha's say sale pending or sold......


  1. Dee...what do you mean by a MOMENT of insanity?
    It has been more than a moment kiddo, my moment has lasted for years :)

    1. True maybe I should have said a moment of sanity!

  2. They are gorgeous aren't they. Not to be mine either.

  3. Hi Dee, I so feel for you!!! It did occur to me, when I saw your listings on ebay, that that's the reason you were selling some things!!! I think those two beauties won't hang around very long, so our suffering may be short! Out of my league, totally, I'm afraid! Chin up! And keep looking!

    1. Yes they will not be around long but I shall keep up my search for that one thats waiting for me....

  4. I just had to write, reading about your a moment of insanity did make me laugh! I really know where you're coming from … those reds on Shelly's are such beauties!

    comment from Cathy