Thursday 5 April 2012


Yes I have another 60's red...She arrived today and I could not wait for parcelforce to deliver her which would have been after Easter so I drove to their sorting office and picked her up.

Her purchase stems from the pictures that I received from Ellen Church! While studying them I loved the look of the no navel Red haired sashas that she had. Then a few week ago Shelly put one on her site but by the time I saw her she was already sold......

Then a couple of week ago I happened on the mart where Cathy had said that she was selling a sasha on her
Ruby Lane shop, so I went to look.........and there was a Red haired No Navel Waif!!! Well before I had time to think a deal was struck and she was on her way!!!

I believe quite a few sasha's and Gregor's are purchased in this way. Now she has arrived I just love her sweet face.
She will need a fringe reroot  at sometime or not and also has lots of missing plugs of hair but under that back of her head so no problem really.

So another beautiful Red to add to my clan and just in time for Easter...hey but I still want an egg!!

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  1. She's gorgeous Dee, you must be thrilled. Many congrats