Thursday 26 April 2012


Claudia and Miriam have changed into dresses now that it's getting closer to May, hoping that they may see some sun soon.

Claudia is in a pretty yellow print dress and Rosie Bloom sandals and Miriam is in a lovely red and black print dress.

Claudia is a 1970 Sasha with lovely dark brown eyes.

Such lovely thick wavy hair ...But is falling....but there is plenty there at the moment.

Miriam is a 1970's sasha

" It's nice to wear some pretty clothes" says Claudia to Miriam
" Yes " agrees Miriam " hopefully we will get some sunny weather soon"

Hattie comes in " Hello Girls, you look nice in your new dresses"
" Thank you" they say at the same time.

" Are you going to change into a summer dress?" Claudia asks Hattie.
" No way! " replies Hattie " It's too cold and wet to be changing "

" I cannot go cycling in a dress!" she states
"It's too wet to go cycling" exclaims Miriam
"You'll get soaked!" worries Claudia

"Well I cannot stand about, I have to find Hoppit, so we can cycle round the village "
turning Hattie hurry's away.

Once Hattie as hurried away Claudia says to Miriam " Didn't Hattie look nice in her sweater dress and hat and boots.
" Yes " replies Miriam " But we had better not tell her or she'll realise that it's not 'Helena' and then she'll go and change!"
"Look the sun has come out! " " lets get our coats and have a quick walk in the garden"

The girl's rush off, who knows how long the sun will last!!!


  1. Miriam and Claudia look lovely in their Summer dresses but I think that I personally might stay with Hattie's idea and the old saying 'Never cast a clout until May is out!' I'm such a cold feeling soul anyway!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. A saying that I live by Kendal! But then I'm the one dying of heat stroke in a sweater and coat when the sun streams thru the clouds! People have been know to say " It must be hot, Dee's taken off her cardigan!"

  2. Sun? You have Sun? Alll we have is rain and know the type of weather condtions that ruins your umbrella :)
    It is no good Dee...we need Hattie and her 'alternative' dress sense back:)

    1. I knew it could not last with Hattie, she was looking for her tartan trousers this morning!

  3. Claudia and Miriam look lovely in their new dresses, I especially like the pretty yellow print dress, I like the style its something a bit different. I love Hattie's jumper dress, gorgeous colours and the hat and boots look great with it.

    comment from Cathy