Sunday 15 April 2012


While out the other day looking at wood for the bedroom wardrobes, I decided to look for a clear plastic box to put the Sasha shoes in. The problem with having so many shoes is finding the ones you want when you want them ! and not finding ones you forgot you had!!

I wanted something with Shelves, layers, and clear so you could see what was inside without having to open it.
Well I found this small drawer unit.

Kirsty checks it out while the others watch.

"Yes the shoes fit in nicely" says Kirsty

" And we can reach them ourselves"

Well I took the unit and began to put in the shoes.

The drawers were filled far too quickly!Each drawer only took 6 to 7 pairs of shoes.

Nice and easy to see.

Side view showing that shoes can be seen so easier to find the ones required  BUT........

Though this is very nice and what I need , I really need it twice the width and three times the height! I still have lots of other shoes sitting in a couple of drawer! But at least they are also now tidier but I do like this drawer unit and it will do part of the job for now, However I will keep my eyes open for a big version but with the same depth of's out there somewhere I just need to find it!.


  1. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes :)

    1. It would appear that a Sasha can never have too many !!

  2. ive got a storage unit just like this for shoes but ive only got 3 drawers and all the shoes in mine arent as neatly put in as yours....mine was from poundland , so it wouldnt break the bank to buy a few !....sarah x

    1. Thanks for the tip Sarah, I shall have a look and see if I can find some.

  3. I have my Brood's shoes in clear plastic boxes of varying depths to accommodate the different heights of the shoes/boots but these are loose and stacked one on top of another in one of the under-bed drawers, not in a neat drawer container like yours.
    I used to store them in empty chocolate boxes but it was a disadvantage having to lift the lids every time you couldn't quite remember which type of shoe was kept inside.
    I love seeing all the various colours when you lift the lids, almost like a box containing candy or sweets. My very favourite container is the one with all JJ's sandals inside built up over my many years of Sasha collecting and each year I try to add a couple more colours. This year I chose fushia and a sage green.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  4. I would love a container of JJ's sandals, I have always admired the ones on your Sasha's, such a lovely range of colours.